Archon - The Light and the Dark
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Archon je konečný klenot počítačové minulosti hraní. Zatímco to nikdy nedosáhlo přijetí u kritiky nějakých dalších her, Archon v jeho vla


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Skyroads is aged arcade. This play isn't at all complicated, is that a space 3D skip - frog. Determined would she for type people, who like to solve problems and do heavy things.

in the process, when play will you play to find outthat the isn't at all simple. In later levelech need really much concentrate and give thereinto maximum. To play you play to really at fine music. To those play already is not much to add.

if yes, write to commentaries his feelings and when - so knowledge.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: x


Martin S

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