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Emerald Hunt Reviews

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Emerald Hunt is similar in style stampede cobble. It's one of those plaies which be easy to learn, but hard to coped.

Subject those games is to rallied as many emeralds and diamonds as possible without dying. Once your score notching aim amount you then lapse eastwards. You score a goal 1 point for emerald and 5 articles for diamond.

Play field includes objects which can fall as are cobbles) and explosive objects (as are bombshells). Rock can be broken fall objects. Both emeralds and rock they may be destroyed explosions. If too much precious stone be destroyed, you won't you capable enough to score point to got off level.

Emerald Hunt included straight editor (BUILD.EXE) and editor sprite (BUILDOBJ.EXE). Spared games and levels of are spared how . files PIC. All fairies are cram into OBJECTS.OF DATES.

Original succeeded me get my hand on have any bizarre custom sprites. S slightly more search succeeded me get original sprites, as well as some enough to horrible space based . I'm included all files sprite, but standards are currently lading. If you want to experiment, copy one of user file (OBJECTS_space.OF DATES or OBJECTS_foreign.OF DATES) over angular point OBJECTS.OF DATES.

Original be included how OBJECTS_original.OF DATES.

This play ran penalty with DOSBOX standards for me, below by both Windows 7 and Mac OSX.

Follow DOSBOX instruction in: http://www.Dos - Once fit directory is mounted and navigated , simply runs HUNT.EXE.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Scott Powell


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