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Zpět v 90- ovo, má oblíbená boj hra byla smrtelná Kombat, nejenže theoriginal, ale jeho vteřinové a třetí pokračování také. Ale, po chvil


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Elite plus come in handy to, old space traffic play - continuation original elite, created in the year 1983. To old play, that can be very complex and deep. You ninny - port and years among planets to bought and sell various goods he likes slaves and arms.

I'd give graphic art 4. They are not exactly good today's standards, but this older style 3D graphic art go down of their time. Play always feels much playable, even with primitive 3D graphic art.

Play I'd arrange 5 how so count much merry entertainment with all you can do. As this is independent play, you can do much. Main the point is store sums among planets with purchase low/selling high ethics, and you can also assault next craft and withdraw from their money.

Sound I'd arrange 3. That is all inner speaker sound, and militant effects are nonsense and peep. Yet, that do they really cool. Only music is available on menu, but it do they really well done and classical song.

Globally, I'd give this play 4 as it has whacking play, cool graphic art, but is deficient one's areas: it be like each other play how original elite. Nothing more was added except newer, easier- to - use plane glass surface and new graphic art. This play would had score a goal higher evaluation if it had had something cool added, like going on comical mission from planets.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Microplay


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