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Frogger je nestydící se veselá zábava 1997 remake originální počítačové hry stejným jménem (které je k dispozici v jeho DOS formě právě t


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When this play get along (originally on BBC computers in the year 1983) computer game scene be too calm. Games which reigned industry was platform and PC games, most of them replica Pac - Man, space Invaders or Jete - set Willy. Elita come in along change everything Co. Fancy, at that era počítačovýchher, what it destined for play to be as complex.

Script games is pretty simple. Did you space dealer in small by boat, and your main assignment (at least when you start play) is delivery cost among planets. It lie things get intricate. Play has word for word hundreds of, unless thousands, planets to look into, and every one of them is unique. There be both technologically- advanced planets (producing high - tech ship's load) and primitive planets (most of these produces only raw materials, if anything), etc .. So have they have political system; divers are democratic and allow free trade, while others they may be more enemy and assault you at sight.

Of course, in peas, space isn't empty. Many other races (and their craft) exist in play. Part of these are peaceful, others are not. At the beginning games it is familiar with avoid the combat with others crafts (since, what do you can be destroy power easily), but consider also as though more money is gained by trade with dangerous planets. For example, planet which has trouble with pirates will pay more for delivered load than peaceful planet.

You can also resolve upon that, what do you do in play. You can stay on simple marketer or you you may be space pirate and steal load from of other by boat (guard police). Either way, your main assignment is to make more money and earn more glory of. making money you can equip your by boat with better arms etc, and dressing glory of you progress in rank. Highest rank you can achieve is "elite" status, but you have you got long road ahead before you come to rank. In certain point in play, you get predestinate mission. Missionary sorts differ - their requirements can be simple, like transporting packet for either planets to the other, or more complex, like killing certain pirate, etc ..

Graphic art in play are primitive today's standards, but they do their work. Craft and space station (where you dock for loading and unloading load) is painted with wire- graphic art frame, ancestor of to 3D. Colours are very little of - there be up to CGA allows!

Sound is also nothing extraordinary. Strains in play be but "ditto marks and only music that can be heard in all of play them to a first cathode - raytube ( classical piece, be more accurate).

In spite of barren of graphic art and sound, playability games is enormous... Only consider as though this play fecit (in the year 1983!) "" genre space exploration plaies. Except in better graphic designer, more enormous galaxy, and more mission and enemies, all games of even genre (like limit and corsair, and even more modern one) be based on elite. Anyone who this way write games would had play to elite, at least see where all of it began.

One last thing. Before play begins, that will ask to speak from manuals. Come in anything you do you love; printing - down protection be out.

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Firebird Software Ltd.


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