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Outrun je skvělá závodní hra z roku 1986. Klasické závody, kde je jasný cíl: dojet do cíle, před vypršením času. Celkem vás čeká 5 levelů.


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This play be the fashion stench. I first seen this play in lobby arcade during vacation in France. I'm spent half my holidays at that vestibule arcade.

Image games is simple. You control stuffing and with it stuffing you have to hamper roll disappearance through lower part screens.

Every level you will have to aim ball in blocks in cathode - raytube which will disappear when ball beats is. When all blocks are gonethat the you act to the next level.

But manufacturers games added some nice to the matter to those basic idea. Some blocks will disengage wattage ups then, what are they be hit. If you succeed in strike these wattage ups with your stuffing, when they will go down, your stuffing or ball will upgraded.

There will also be craft going down possession of other rolls which will disengage when your stuffing in below by boat. If you have time would you mind reflect these ball advance also for even more action.

If you cannot reflect ball advancethat the you lose stuffing and when all your padding are gone his end of play.

Together, Electranoid is comical play to played from time to time. Year in, year out.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Pixel Painters


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