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EcoQuest 2 - Lost Secret of the Rainforest Reviews

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After slackening EcoQuest: Search for Cetusovi in the year 1991, Sierra tie up this catch it, comical continuation.

In EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret rain wood, you play to young Adam Greenea who, with his fatherly Noah, ecologist, admission to third- světové country study rain - forest. After going separate since its fatherly Adam companies alone into rain wood, reveal secret uncanny Forest Hearta, find lost town Gold and attempt help in danger people groves.

Play is goal - directed mostly in younger end market, but adults also relish rank graphic art and interesting information on ecology and rain woods confessed your e - corder. Play it seems a little boring first, with a little too much of will raise popping, but when Adam notching rain - forest and climb the gigantic tree smothered in exotic flowers, birds and monsters, that becomes rather merry entertainment... like tropical version distant tree be subdivided into several lots Enidin Blyton.

If you like wandering around rank woods and interacting with tiny animal, and pursuance exploit while, what was to superior with educational tidbit on the way, as I do, then you will relish this play. Nevertheless, if you do you prefer your action to come in fast and raging, then this fine, thoughtful play might not appeal. But you get into tamper with e - corder.By the help of Windows 98 and DOSBOX, I'm got - ův your hardware isn't Initialised - ův error message at the beginning games. I'm tried opening play in pure for analysis DOS but got same report.I'm went back to us DOSBOX, but this time when bug cathode - raytube seem, I clicked ' Esc ' and cathode - raytube shut and play introduction began. By the way, musical and sound effects proceed to behave well. Nevertheless, alert to those using Windows XP: I'm was found this report on to other abandonware peas place: A retardation utilitarian *have to* be used to run game - - failing that you get defective "888.chum not found" slip - up.

Part EcoQuest Series

parts Sierra Discoverů be subdivided into several lots

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.


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