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Sometimes you run against jewel games which only you cannot help but love. Dweep Gold is one such small treasure with polished play, graphic art and sound which add up to recreational experience.

Dweep is delightful, hairy, hoping monster which need you, so that help him safely achieve his little ones. Because Dweep - - as instruction continue tension- - hasn't no way to buckler themselves, you will need use your wits to help him run through all crimp unhurt.

For this purpose, you have you got arsenal mirrors, hammers, fans and next sums, které - - jednou hove from Dweep - - can be used on some /every /no placing frankly catch it safe way for hairy hero. All play is built around several objects which interplay in specific waies. For example, bomb has its fuse alight laser beam or lantern, can be will pull out pail waters, and when it explodes, that nobody's near objects and gardens except next bombshells. Rules be easy to memorized and described in detail in instructions and land - gamete counsel, and are various enough to, to counted with many unique level. While particular map don't offer much repetition, there be enough them last you long: in the aggregate, play includes 75 bookkeeper map, plus only as many user's- created ones (though most later are not much good.)

alike next plaies riddle like Sokoban or call appeal for microchip, Dweep Gold requires careful scheduling to completed his fiendish riddle. There's a typically but one way to end level, with nil place for slip - up, and even several power flaw in execution plan usually urges player to restart. Sometimes you get impression that the level them at all unsolvable, but don't assure you, it is not will never. Upon this occasions, that pay for refuse seemingly obvious solution and think of more atypical poison. Gratefully, aren't necessary to finished by any level; if ones it seems too hard, you can jump in front and come back any time you feel like it.

Dweep Gold be fine games for anyone who like call on their brain in their spare time. Probably my only critique they will that there be but five airs, so music is given trellis echo in good while, but that is about it.

If play refuses to worked, try running dweep.exe in compatible mode for Windows 98/me.

Year of publication: 2000

Made by: Dexterity Software


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