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Toto hra je pokračování ducha Excalibura. Trochu víc pak rok prošel od první hry skončila a král Constantine je sezení nejvyšší v trůnu k


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This play is one of by many plaies from "bomberman" genre. Draft games is very simple: Did you monster named lot and you run about in maze blocks placing bombs and killing monsters or players. Bombshells, that you place explode in a few seconds and explosion extend towards four principal direction. After you be stationed bomb and are left square with bomb cannot walk over it. If you place bombshells over monster or next player they'll able walk over bomb.

Maze stand up from invisible blocks and destructible blocks sometimes that contains moci - ups like bigger explosion or more bombshells. There are 8 worlds in those play, every with by other blocks and monsters. Some worlds have line like wall which separate level into two halfs or passageway which ninny - port you to the other end map...

Monster kill you immediately if they touch you. Monster have variables levels of intelligence. Stupidest one go anywhere they may, while cleverer one bend out explosions, stop away into areas that contains bomb, and generally will on your tail. How do you advance to highers level monster will cleverer. Field they may usually run through mutually without dying.

Play has two modes:

- adventure: This mode be both single player and multiplayer. To be able to run through to the next levelthat the you need to slew all monster in level. This is not snap, how levels of get harder and monster happen cleverer. Monster can be sometimes really hard to drive and kill, especially when examine drive YOU. If you play company aim games non swop - you always need to slew all monster, but this time with small by the help of from friend. Poisonous bit is as though there be no saves option.

- tournament: This mode is multiplayer only. Of coursethat the you can sham alone, there is no one stop you if you want, but it'll be really holing. ;) aim hereof mode is to slew next rival company for specified number of times. There are yet monster in this mode but you you can bend out them if you want. You can also pick levelthat the you do you want play to v. This mode has couple of special full can ups also but I don't prepare go wrong everything to you.

Globally it is handsome play; you can have o'clock merry entertainment blasting monsters or of other players. Too bad will never I managed to get sound working, some or musical sound could really add in much at that. Next poisonous point is poverty of saves options in adventurous mode. It do they really awkward for start all over from the start always, when you do you want play to from games be fairly long.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Fully Bugged Software


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