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America's Army (známá také jako AA nebo Army Game Project) je taktický multiplayer (víceuživatelská hra) first person shooter (střílečka z p


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Little Wormpaul sat behind his 386, and very first time he began double Dragon up. A why, that is that...Before, than I even I'm noticed that the play began, - ův ' enemy already hangdog hell out of me - but it no - didn't rest in. This play be as whacking, even I'm didn't take note that the I'm played first - level again and again.

Graphic art be as horrible, every time I smacked enemy down I'm began cry out, especially when I saw big giant for the first time. Nothing could get between me and play, and life was without consequence whacking...Two weeks later mine ' ' big brother arbitrated help me with play. He has already completed it several times, and together we're were unarrestable. We we're not didn't pother about ours enemies or of our own lives - we're scuffle namely we're were everything which we're be of consequence.

We're it made into final boss in, and with extremely good collective washing, we're land him! In the end seen princessthat the I dreaming about all the time. But she no - didn't want come to both of us, she just want me. Then I'm decided to place mine fist in my bratrově face, and obiit. Life was without consequence good with me and mine little princes...


I'm began DD1 with whacking remembrances in my minds, but from first moment games be truly a disappointing. Graphic art be too boring and they used long way too much similar colours. There to be almost no sound; only when you struck friend you hear design - same one again and again - I'm decided to thrust forth sound and run Winamp at playing.

More trouble is movement players. It do they really frustrating to seen themselves juxtapose friend and regardless, what do you are you trying to, you only cannot strike him for he costs too near or something. Enemy a.I. be boring really and as soon as do you know genuine gimmickry you can knock down almost all enemies same method buoy.

I could always talking about whole weak point in play ( longitude games, enemy who everything contemplation same, dim - witted princess hang on the wall...) but before, than I deter every man's, the, who have good memory of those games would had will try it. It will you take less than 30 minutes to are over play.

For all who had never heard about it before, give it a try once and see where Golden axe ( whacking play to my mind) got you cogitations from. But no expect too lots of it.

Part double Dragon be subdivided into several lots

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Technos Japan Corp.


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