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Donald Ducks Playground Reviews

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Here's yet another delightful trifle. You control sweet sign who's going to celebrate his 70th birthday slightly more then per annum. It's choleric, yet sweet quack that is of knows below on behalf of Donald duck!

Donald wishes to help out his nephew. They is building perfect playground in park (they've tree house, fort and space rocket). In order to get be increasingly equipped for park, Donald have to make money do odd job.

There are four things Donald can do. He may sort packs at the airport. Another packs slip past him on traffic kepp out at grass and he needs to hove correct one and throw it in correct trolley.

Next work is in toy- obchodu. Donald needs to sort toys on shelfs using second, but there's a train on way and if the shelf are not safe everything can drop off.

Now we come in to mine favourite... It's fruit trapping/sorting external employment. Donald have to catch fruit and place it in correct boxing. If fruit isn't caught or is placed wrong you will not won't you get pay (and Donald will make angry).

A last, but not at all at least is work in train exchanges. You catch sight of where train is and hear where you should lead train. You have you got six disconnect switch make it.

In of other aspects play is more'n unyielding for its time (whacking graphic art, good sound, delightful thought, sweet hero, etc .).

Now go and build it perfect playground for tiny .

Year of publication: 1986

Made by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.


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