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Okraj planety je science fiction hra z tvůrci směl a Magic. To je poněkud podobný Star kontrole II, ale bohužel ne tak dobrý.



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I'm be too surprised I didn't know those games earlier. It come in handy to and complex strategy game it'll be fancied also people who isn't there strategy healthy nuclei.

Did you in your library when you get important report as though your region be in distress. Enemy reserves approaches and plan to assaulted you. In your order you have you got four general (peculiar looking animal like creatures) with their militaries. ; fortified castle is in the middle of map and there are a few province environment it.

To hamper enemies from attack your fortified castle, you can place traps in provinces they need run through. You can also dislocate armies monsters to fought off enemies. Don't forget, that in such a case you need to found out more gun - toting coaming later - or your fortified castle can be unarmed (if too much soldiers will die). You can even join conflict themselves ( clicks wagon icon for at following battles).

You can kill your nepřátelenebo implore catch is ( best way be abreast of traps). Has favourite part games is interrogation. There's a prison in your fortified castle, where you withdraw from your detainee too (and you know what sinful and highly splitting things be done in - prison in cells). In this way you can get the dope. There's a better using in - prison though. You can mix be formed hero (making cocktail monster).

Play also lets you bring in virtuous faery. You have you got whole laboratory alchemist at your disposal and you get into mix things - or run through faery already do you know to are could enlarge your magic skills. Magic be too subservient to art traps- stavení and much useful in many other aspects. You can also have your armies quest after magic (or traps) in provinces.

Till now all of it sounds much heterogeneous and exciting ( in matter is), but play has several shady pages also. I don't like especially combat option. If you make up one's mind join conflict themselves (you admission to battlefield in cool volant wagon). To stroll around hold SHIFT and move him with mouse.

Also I'd appreciated slightly more time before first strike (you do you do even you do not have time to set no traps). Should you thought as though you would have slightly more time to prepare before first strike (they no - be not doing you their highest on the eve of battles).

Except of what play features very good graphic art, full mouse control, smooth animation and solid sound (although air may become gently irritating). Together it come in handy to play as though I can high advise, but it isn't easy manage.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Visual Concepts Entertainment, Inc.


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