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Během - ův 90s, Jižní Korea byla domov pro mnoho POČÍTAČOVÝCH HER které jinde by měly objevit se na konzolách.Čekaná je takový případ, kl


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Seeking fast mouthful good things playing? Hankerin' for slide of bread beefburger? Then fast food can be only play to filled you! Fast food be quick restrained, hunt - ův ' fast food about games maze. Grow slim and reduce to your cholesterol while you attempt catch all foods which add in it back weight and lift you cholesterol higher! Various moci - ups help you shielding you from padouchůnebo inhibitory reduce to is, chill is etc .

graphic art is proper enough to, and levels of be fairly various, although are not as though much another tile adjusts. Music does work, but is run of the mill. Operating controls are simple, but movement is a little peculiar and your sign - giddy - always won't turn when you need him turn most.Single-level memory refreshment ' play ' be like most next fast refreshment, only refill for short while. Feed your modem herewith small download and have a look what cooks. Voucher taste

part giddy plaies be subdivided into several lots

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Codemasters Software Company Limited, The


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