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Giddy is play set which developed bad name herein because of its barren of play. I therefore feel it necessary to repair this addition giddy play that is of merry making, addictive, simple and above all good! This play merits 5 - point score, no argument.

What is that, what then separate this giddy play from the rest? Well how computer game go, this is as simple as they get while yet watching fine ! You play to giddy egg, but instead of grasshopper about solving riddles and becomes frustrated because of egg tendency to broken, you now will you heat underwater for jewelry, pearl and next nice to entries on bottom of the sea. Unhappy to you, egg cannot swim, so unless you you can get into surface before your airy- supply runs out you die. So, how do you get up? Simple - by using bubbles how of free taxi- jízdy. jump on bubble did you being transported up a little, before bubble blows out below you. To achieve surface you will need to leapt among others bubbles, rock formation and whales. Whale is the only friendly monster in sea. Whole others harms you (and.e. steal some of your air). To end by any levelthat the you need to rode bubble from waters.

It can sound easy, but and find outthat the is that more provocative than you might think. It sometimes feel like all roads are shut, except way back down to bottoms. To calm imposition there are air- tanky and extra lives placed about by other level. Concerning graphic art, giddy bubble has best and most coloured of all giddy plaies. Strains and music are also much soothing. Together they creates perfect atmosphere for play.

But what about playability? Operating controls are as easy, how they'd may be. You use driving keys. It be in fact everything you will need. Up is jump. Simple. This play was made with one thing in view: do great time- cosh - boy when you do not have time to play to bigger play. Perfect for workplace! High scorethat the I had given to play derives from matterthat the this play alone saves of the whole next giddy games from giving set bad name, for its simple operating controls, good idea, and realitythat it%%= do they really gorgeous play (both týkajícíse sightand sound).

Part giddy plaies be subdivided into several lots

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Codemasters Software Company Limited, The


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