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Dino - Lost in Bedrock Reviews

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OK, so it is not whacking play, it is not not even good enough play and that is merry making only for a while. Yet it is one of the few plaies made for DOS which be based upon Flintstonesa, modern Stone Age family.

Hi - Tech Expressions usually made pretty simple parties- scroller. Yet, this play be stopped down. By the year 1991 graphic designer and strains were to be already way ahead of what this play have to offer, so that is easy say this play was obsolete when it get along in the year 1991. There are 16 colours and there are some very much sounds pure at that. It does support joystick, although keyboard be more user friendly. Picture seems a chopping and me ain't got sensation is that incurred emulation, that seems a this bad for real. Together this they will with difficulty more then average play if it'd seen daylight even half decennium earlier.

Now except technical shady pages play hasn't much upside also. It spare amusing before, than it gets disillusion. You need to leapt and sink over and under crimp at give wide berth or stoning ( real rocks - they don't give a name it time for nothing) animals which examine taking you before finding Dinoa.

You can play to either Freda or Barney, but it hasn't no effect on play alone - or you can even choose two player option (hot stalls) where every player plaies signs. Even it really unimproved play. Now creators games tried catch spirit bedrock drawings, so they added any prehistoric animals (like ambulancesaurus fireplugosauphant) but they fizzle at that also.

So if you are not big fan Flintstonesa and wish to added this your sbírcenebo if you can look upon this play how call appeal for you need to completed so you can say there be no play would you mind beat) there is not as quite much boduv downloadingthis one. Sole purpose, why I had given to that 2 no 1 is as though it is not full filth and as though I have seen worse games outside (although there wasn't all that much).

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.


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