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Yes, that is good - old play that even weigh upon challenge to of each of, who sham - digger! ...well, no exactly: since, what do you needed genuine CGA card to play original DOS play, several VGA rewrites be done. Version inclusive operating system DOS, Windows 95 - 98 and Windows XP. So, that is digger Remastered!

You have to control kicky machine in pit and collect emeralds and gold while you axoidance nobbins and hubbing, minemonsters who he will come procurable you! ; the point is to rallied all emeralds in dolunebo kill everything nobbins or hubbing. When it does, you you are going to the next level, every level happen harder, of course. There are also gold tiling, that fall and cruch everything below is, inclusive you, if you are not paying attention. Nevertheless, these tiling be too helpful crush minemonsters down you, and if they fall two or more lacunae, gold fall from bags and you can collect prey. Also, there's a premiums cherry. If you be killed enough to (4; in first - level, 3) monsters, you get cherry, that if you collect, you can eat monster and get grande score for small time.

Play be enough interesting. You control digger with cursor keies, and fire away with F1 key. There be usually four monster enemy you. After getting regularly 20,000 articles, you get extra life. Levels of get harder and harder - more emeralds to rallied, quicker nobbins and hubbing, hubbing stay on hubbing for a longer time, slower fire will finish off rate, smaller premium time, etc .

you thinkthat it%%= is too - simple? Pshaw This play has one of the best artificial intelligence have ever seen I'm! Here, all monster work into hands, and they'll most probably sorround and get you - or they work together to became hubbing for bigger chance. It be exceedingly hard to swerved them.

One more remark: Press F10 key to give up games. If you give up, you will not you don't get into high score.

Year of publication: 1998

Made by: Andrew Jenner


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