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Tady are yet another real oldies. Surprisingly it always be one of my at least favourite plaies (regardless of systemthat the I play it on) and mine opinion always costs. I mean, play be fairly comical.

Did you small boy named dug and you need to dug or are you dig who used dug). You have you got water pump in your hands to prevented themselves against monsters. You use it getting close to monsters and quickly striking fire button which nafoukává is until they in the end explodes.

A only what kind of monsters we're talking about? It's variant of which lives subaqueous and need to be broken rocks you rakes . Only keep in mind, you don't get to kill dragon looking one. He's sort of boss in who will escape for either levels of to the next. If you reduce to rock on him, lose totally sculptured subsoil weapon. A remember, all monster they may miraculously move through provincial without shovelling it out of the way. It means, that they can appear directly beside you, and how do you you are going slower till they, they'll simply kill you.

This play be but disillusion to me. To kill monster you can either stand under rock (give a back seat direction hereto wait there) and then depart in time so rock squished toner simply use pump to inflated and explode it. But if your timing be off, you die. This is given repeated much soon, so perhapsthat the would could want to reconsider playing those games after several levels (you may see which level you be on numeration daisies in upper right corner).

A below average play (even if it it is one o'clock long), which walks evidence do I all oldies be overwhelming (although sound was OK and graphic average for time of his creation).

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Namco Limited


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