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Unavený z prostého starého solitéra Windows? Dobře, pak je čas vy jste hráli Klondike Pro! A hra vyvinutý Brooke W.Boering z 1996 k 2002,


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This play is typical platform play. Did you blue little hairy drops which scampers place attempt at get from one's levels of into next. This time villains don't look it means. In reality they contemplation directly angelic!

You need to leapt your alleyway by any level, examiner give wide berth angels (along with some other monsters) who causes you lose energy. There are moci - ups (like power drip flask) be found to help you on way. You basic in a way need to run through by any level to she could have end play - much resourceful plotline.

Graphic art are handsome, lady of colour and smooth. Strains are mostly background noise you hear at walk through level (like fall drops lava), but opening music be fairly handsome. Plane glass surface is simple enough to, to used, but I have to warn against you that you can only jump in front, so you need to wound before, than you can jump in next direction. Play be fairly provocative, so excepts with fast play. It can in reality get a little disillusion before you learn when and where jump.

Together I give those play average score (3), for it is average play.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: MicroValue


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