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Deja Vu - A Nightmare Comes True Reviews

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You wake up in stand bathroom in Chicagském bar, and you may be thinking ' it'll be long weekend...till then, than you noticethat the you have you got needle mark in your hands, and weapon in your pocket has three circuits at that. You then reveal that the other three gooly are in men up at the office. You be killed him? You don't remember ... in reality you don't remember anything.

Welcome to Déjà Vu, play where cops want you alive, all others it seemsthat the wants you extinct, and you wonder what is happening. In ICOM- ovo interactive adventurous- tajemné play you look into town Chicago, from invalid bar to seat on the hill, try to find your identity and stay on alive. You doesn't know what is happening, but don't you know as though something's seedy - so watch.

Déjà Vu uses cursor - and mouse based system and several window which governs your inventory, scene, directions, text, and eight basic orders. They're pretty simple use, though smaller entries they may be as busy as a bee click on than others. It is also easy for window to clutter up cathode - raytube.

; sign is gun - toting with his arms and his fist how he drive through town, but you have to care at burny your weapon how police searches you. You need to find entries to led you along your roads, because your memory be beyond retrieve. You you'll also need to finded some money use cabs.

Sound effectsthat the exist in those play be nothing to write home about. Do you usually only hear explosion, pummeling, and siren, and none of them are too useful to you. It's play you can sport with loudness except without loss anything important.

Graphic art isn't absolute, but serves their purpose. Detail serves hereto, to upheld you know what entries are, but you always will you need to read descriptions to understood, what some things are and do. Déjà Vu has distinct poverty of colours in comparison with newer games, that is reason, why only it gets cross rate.

To call appeal for, Déjà Vu steps as far as plate; inquiry soon and often and in several files is recommended as many false step can either kill you or getthat the did you apprehended, giving your play curt and often forcible end. Déjà Vu does have kind time purview at that, because your memory is fade - out fast from anything it isthat the they injected in your hands. If you don't find treatment soon, you in the end die torturing death. Except finding antibodies, you must also find out evidence against people, that framed you, and destroy proof of as though they planted against you. Only you can clean your repute... if you can remember what is the.

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: ICOM Simulations, Inc.


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