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Emerald Hunt je podobný v stylu úprku balvanu. To je jeden z těch her které je snadné učit se / dozvědět se, ale tvrdý aby zvládl.


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Word for maze in French is dévalley so it come in that the programmer once wrote small delightful play ' Dedale ' . Search is simple. Find your alleyway handsome maze and found your way out to new highscore.

To every maze you have you got specific amount of time (score). You can make it through maze at this time? If you so you act to the next - more complex - maze and in the end, then, what all nine maze, you get your general score. When you trush in into a wall you slack five seconds so favour your fast cursor- klíčové movements.Play isn't too hard so it probably projected pro - ův ' younger generation ( generation that is of about 22 years old until now) . Levels of are accidentally generated and cast over any difficulty by virtue of much easy quite easy. So non search o'clock merry entertainment in this little 4 coloured games. Sound are any peep and bööps from speaker of and some familiar melody.

It is that a. I can't write any more about this little games riddle except that would had give it a try!

Year of publication: 1986

Made by: IBM


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