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It begins just like another race. Lights proceed from red yellow green, engine roar and autos quickly will evaporate look into distance. But this race is something else, than normal, how clear up when first guided missiles crosse air.

Two minutes and sixteen seconds later, but one car completes final lap. All that remain of vehicles rival company are either etched framework scattered across racing course or small hunch only big enough to, to be sent to in envelope.

Welcome to world Death tracks!

Vital course be enough foreign play: it is graphic art be too primitive VGA fairies together basic vectorial graphic art like the ones in first MechWarrior, sufficient for play but quite unsightly at all events. SFX are hardly being and music consists of two or three much similar tunes whose repetitiveness begins board your nerves within a few minutes from the start play.

Yet, that has that "something" it's like this rare find in peas today: it evasive element which making you start play in evening and then sham soon till dawn o'clock. In other words, that is unbelievably addictive.

Fundamental prerequisite is pretty simple - be the first, who finishes race, over extinct insider your enemies if neccesary - but it is one of thing which do Death course so pleasant.

When you start play you get choice between three another autos - single-level memory witch, high gun - toting grinder and high armour pit bull. To face truth, nevertheless your option young autos will influence virtually no but your young arms and upgrade ( HUD look a little another, but much that is all).

Yes, you be read dandy - upgrade. Because except nine branch, your car also has six kinds inner component - from tyres motor armour periods - that you can modify. There are three levels of part for every, and allow me, to you said - it can be stiff competition option sometimes: not only because of initial will value or price- effectiveness, but also because when your car she'll get shoot to bits will you have to pay for repairing work. A allow me, to you said, correcting account on top- - the - waft component can be cosh - boy!

Only champions finishes perimeter alive, so good shooting and meet you up!

Notice that on run games in DOS, VDMSOUND and Windows XP: You will have to use some kind retardation utlity to Death tracks to ran slow enough to, to was playable. CPU cosh - boy, turbo et al should do work.

You have to run it on much low setting cycle, for the same reason as above.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Dynamix


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