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Death Sword Reviews

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Death sword is PC converting barbarian, gigantic hit at the end 80 - ovo. I first I'm play it on mine C64: two strong warriors with their sword fight one against to other. Signs in play was big and able exert much movements and attacks. Barbarian be published in times when impressive movies and comics be fairly popular namely I'm was more'n evident what was inspiration for this play.

There were to be two version as though both bore same name, and their play be identical. In one of them, you fight beside some kind lakes and in wood, but next has another story. Bad magician Zack kidnapped gorgeous princes, namely takes real hero to protected her. You must knock down eight Zackových warriors and then Zack alone in his own castle and save princes. What better story you need? Well, if anybody finds this story similar forepart Conana barbarian (playing Arnolda Schwarzeneggera) he isn't bad. Main musical theme will sound like subject from of even film.

Vital sword be in fact union of both Barbarians. At the beginning you get into pick which play would you like to. PC converting come short of on C64 original, but it is merry making to played. Graphic art and music good will consider limitation CGA and PC loud - speakers, but sound effects fall only of several peep. Operating controls are biggest problem and be created to modeled joystick. Like in many other convertings, you again encounter eight buttons ("U", "I", "O", "J", "to", "N", "M", ", ") and left shift how fire. If you do not have joystick, probably you will find this play too hard to played because of operating controls.

So, if operating controls are no problem to you or you have you got joystick, give Death sword examination and wasn't surprised if you find myself hooky monitor, rocking sword while call appeal for releases floyage epinephrine into your blood.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Palace Software, LTD., Spotlight Software


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