Phantasie III - The Wrath of Nikademus
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king duelového multiplayeruthat the in the year 1999 launched into world developers id software, excels on his time peak graphic art (engine those games was used at development dozens more plaies) and highly addictive playability, above all?ím in multiplayeru.

play be enacted in small arenas, that are full zrbaní, shotshells first-aid kit, armoured and different powerupů, like rate of swelling or quad damage, what? will multiply claims, that your weapon will feeding.

on selection have you got from three-quarter bat on the whole classical arms - missile launcher, scattergun, grenade launcher, whereas last ninth was because of excessive power in most maps replaced.

unfortunately were to be slack only source code (fabric, strains, map and mock - up stayed licenseds), so that you produce only demo.

Year of publication: 1999

Made by: id Software


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Přidal Satik

dOllaR 18.03.2010 reaguj
myslim ze jim to tak vadit nebude, pac stejne se hra hraje total free na , kde pari kazdej spravnej quaker:)
paddy 19.03.2010
to je vec majitele quakelive jak to ziskali, ale normalni hratelna verze na pc je shareware ne ?
Angelo 04.06.2010
ma recht paddy, stejny je to i u BW
paddy 16.03.2010 reaguj
samozrejme ze vadilo, ve FAQu se od toho sami distancujem
Angelo 16.03.2010
hm nj, tak aspon pouzivejte funkci reaguj ;p
Ace 16.03.2010 reaguj
myslim ze jo ;/
Angelo 15.03.2010 reaguj
myslite ze by nekoho nasralo, kdyby sme sem dali plnou hru?