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Dark Seed II Reviews

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BasicsSwiss artistic H.R. Giger be known to his extreme creations when it comes to gruesome and horrible. Since, what Aliens and sorts, his art was to A household name.

On December 1995, Cyberdreams Inc . A Destiny software Inc . decided to monopolize except his/him/him model with H.R. Giger - ovo DarkSeed set, and they made good option. If you have ever are wanted play to story like Aliens, you come to correct place.


story lifts with protagonist from first games in DarkSeed set. Even if he escaped beings from dark World, who implanted our brain hero with foreigner, he has yet ephialtes and vision from gruesome dimension in his dreams. Seem implore get help, principal characteristic returns to his native town and searches step. But his new lease of life peace ends suddenly when his Best Friends Rita be assassinated in town park. Sheriff immediately pens our hero how suspected person, and that is where play begins.

It's up to you to find out why Rita be killed and clean your name. But it not have to be that easy. What Ritina death has to do with dark World? What connection does carnival of in town keep with dark monsters. A what secret are townspeople hiding? Probe into this Lovecraftian mysterious play horrors based on art H.R. Giger, and finds out. A keep in mind, ancients would didn't have return....

Knotty chicken

graphic art in those play are some of the most astonishing have ever seen I'm, st. in one's own line realism. In normal world, real human showmen are animated at top backdrop realist 3D backcloth. In the dark world, and unbelievably disturbing art H.R. Giger dominates. Won't you stay in from these graphic designer without some ephialtes.

Music be too uncanny but sometimes scarcely- nynější. This tack to sensation was themselves that the sign experience in normal world's part games.

Riddle be too provocative, and definitely they will hold did you defeated through play. Many of riddles reliance on talking to plaies much signs, even unarmed dark World inhabitants. If you say bad thing, sometimes sign won't talk to you at all, so be very careful. Safeguard against talking to anybody. In the dark World, if you fumble, it will often cause you gruesome or disturbing death.

NOTE TO DELICATE: This play is NOT for faint heart.


well, wrap round things, if anybody relishs playing provocative play horrors, this is for you. If you don't relish becomes ephialtes, this play isn't to you. Personally, I found this play much pleasant, and I hopethat the so have you.

Even if I do arithmeticsthat it%%= merits more, I only give this play 4 because of poisonous riddle maze in carnival of, one which I NE - relish. But you can feel failing that about it, so download this bad horrible play, and give that good play.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Cyberdreams, Inc.


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