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Dark Half, The Reviews

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Dark half be fairly average play based on film (which alone be based on book), so evidently play will less rich in detail than book adjustment they will. You enact Thada Beaumont, who's attempting to trace up serial killer. It'll be tougher than you think, because beautiful plait come into use, although it is rather clichééd one.

Plane glass surface is somewhat like one used in old LucasArts peas. That's all right and polished, but run of the mill. If did you played LucasArts or Sierra adventure, then you know, how dark half function. Třetí - static look men gives you auxiliary view of all about you. Play is a common fare, except in congregation helps to led you on how do you you are going.

Graphic art be merely viable, but they've handsome talent, especially from those games be released in the year 1992, but in comparison with next plaies like Darkseed it have more conventionalized and gorgeous graphic designer, dark half is at best no sort. Aside from that, scenes chaos are painted nicely, so you'll never are not left by nosey how certain victim be killed.

Strains would may be MUCH BETTER. Music is poisonous at best, and atmospheric and surrounding strains are scarcely- jsoucí; even steps be missing. I'm was had to thrust forth my loud - speakers at playing those games as I in reality I'm developed otalgia. Play presents much difficulty, how his riddle be usually logical, but guard getting glued - on - if need a hand it didn't prepare come in easy, how dark half wasn't will never much popular and there are no recap familiarly - accessible. In certain points you won't you know which way where with regard to what's to be done. One of your of the chief the point is to funked police. How make it will hindrance for a few seconds, so trial and error will have been used if you want to in due form escape.

Globally, dark half is average play, nothing too specialty will originate from of what and I have to give it to three from five. But if you want, to handsome action and pure for analysis, logical riddle it'll be provide you with satisfaction, go ahead and try it.

Dark half need to be run with batch file "DH.bat", no batch file "darkness half.bat", failing that it will not work.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Symtus


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