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Daffy Duck, PI - The Case Of Missing Letters Reviews

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This play definitely heads for minimus players. It's sort of letter/word play riddle with some action.

Play be based on sweet Daffy flapper which (among his next talents) were to be also private eye (duck Tracy). This time he searches letters.

Play features nice to animation in 16 colours EGA graphic designer and some sounds. Action bit is not as quite as though hard (not even are riddle withal), but together it be fairly merry making. Play be calculated for be learning programme, helping babies how spell, but unlike many other learning programs, this no - didn't neglect component merry entertainment.

You will need to follow route missing letters solving little riddles on way and happen premium levels of (where you need to fecit as many words as possible from given to letters).

Together this play somewhat please attempt edutainment. I thinkthat it%%= merits at least three as well as (how teacher) advises it people who wish to improve their orthography.

It is in full abecedarian level true, but read through some due I thinkthat the many people really would needed to study / knew how spell. I think especially 1337 speaker of here.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.


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