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I'm fan classical first person Shooters like Wolfenstein 3D or destruction, but I've never been didn't hear about or played CyClones so allow me, to you said one thing: I wish, to had, because play is inspired! Whirlwind is play mature Raven Software and be published in the year 1994, but blackly, that wasn't much popular.

You face foreign inbreak effected CyClones or cybernetic Clones who be in fact human beings. You play to how cybernetic warrior named "confusion, " and your mission be stopped this inbreak puncture communication among foreign force and their lid, namely entails: kill'em everything...

So, what's so special about those play? A lot of things! First thing, that caught mine attention was verification. You may use mouse and keyboard to played as many of today's FPS, and for 1994 this was something new. Next new thing was level education, where you can learn bases games. There are also 3D map every areas and you can configure it your needs. Some things are equal in the most FPS, and you will have to find ammunition and new arms as well as first aid kit and moci - ups. Nevertheless, your inventory have one's limits and you can reduce to entries if you need.

Plane glass surface was to innovative for this genre, and you can make accessible to inventory, main menu and map only genuine clicks on icon for. Graphic art be too good for its time and levels of are not so monotonous as they are in similar peas. Music is somewhat poisonous but strains are average shots, door, enemy dying...etc). You can also eke out and load any time you do you want and me I prefer you do that everytime you go into a place unknown areas.

Together, CyClones is revolutionary and innovative games for genre and if you like první - shoot men you go up have a good time. But than in above all FPS'S at that time, maze they may get did you tired after a while and music does not help also. I give that 4 articles marks.

You be asked for information desk copy protection. Only write anything afield and printing will enter.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Raven Software Corporation


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