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This games be released Silicon rytíři on March 1992 and I'm was I'm was vote best multiplayer play in the year 1992 review PC games.

Five empire will raid neutral and strategically important planet Orionu, to be able to assert it how their personal. Days conventional warfare are over, and age cybernetic warrior be on hand.

Cyber Empires is mixture strategy and combat action. First, that has strategic part where you build plants and cyborgs, gain control of new countries, plan your next movements, schedule attacks and build rampart. As soon as you and computer completed it is your turn, it is time for action: impugnment, obranunebo employment.

To win the game, you need to defeated your enemies with your militaries cyborgs. Size cyborgs different from smallest type, named Mercury, into Titána, that is of biggest accessible. Everything cyborgs carry various arms in their arsenal; they may be controlled either your keyboard or joystick, and you can issue various order your cyborgs before conflict begins and set how strictly they will adhere to them.

Early in, politic part games, you begin with one land (in accidental placing) whose capital is marked by flag. During of each of veer, capital will earn you receipt from that country. You begin with 1,210,000 credits, which will be enough to, to builded factory and buy at least one cyborg.

There are another environment in which the conflict can occur, for example polar, lava, wood, town - or desert. Every terrain has some line which can influence an effect battles: In town, there are many outhouse you can shoot your alleyway, in wood you will need to shoot trees that are in your way, while in regions lava perhapsthat the would could end walking on lava, so hazard have your cyborg overheat. You can also build rampart in lands as though you control. They'll well - heeled and automatically they will fire at enemy troops. Rampart be good at defence life land both at the beginning and later in play. Notice thatthat the you need at least one cyborg in the country for rampart to worked.

There are three another play sorts you can play to: Full campaign - tactics and action. Strategic campaign - tactics only. Combat practice - you can try combat action at once.

You can also set AI'S level intelligence and whether there'll fog of war.

I keep in mind playing those play on mine Amigaovi quite much when I'm was younger. Up to the present day it is one of my favourite old plaies released to Amigaa (beside with moonstones and extra frog - eater). I will not don't give more helps how advance; it's your turn right now.

Play is started during set, and if you want to change pivotal setting, you need to ran keyinit.exe.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Silicon Knights, Inc.


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