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Crystal Maze, The Reviews

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I mean no offense mine neighbours across pond, but I'm slowly come to the conclusion as though English play shows are organized female former public sadism. Weakest connection, who Wants into Be millionaire, big brother, and more are of all designed hereto, to psychologically tear down contestant. They get the most ably bad host of they may find and design for office that are either near impossible or mine teammates against each other in delicately immoral waies. No as though it is better here in America with our fear factor and emotionally coarse Simon Cowells (although, we imported him from big Britain too). But for the most part his is new phenomenon at America where how in the UK this he went on to say for a few years. Illustration, back in 1990 play be perceived it prove unbelievably popular course of his 6 period runs. This was named crystal maze, and now you can have of the whole torture TV play shows on your homecomputer.

I don't want give the impression as though I ain't didn't relish playing home game. Worst part was be truly a I'm enjoyed his eclectic be subdivided into several lots requisitions. In spite of sensation abused computer I'm be determined to do incursions elusion win the game. Because I could not find FAQ for this play wherever I feel compelled to write sizable review than normally seem here. My object, of course, is to upheld another, who follows. If you play game, please used forums and participate what do you learn and together we crack crystal maze!

Point games is to rallied time crystal. Always, when crystal buies you 5 seconds in crystal dome at the end plaies for each of your surplus team chums to begged catch as many gold tickets as they can, and avoidance of silver . If you score a goal on the whole over 100 (gold minus silver) you win!

There are 4 zone you will need visit to collect time crystal before going to the crystal dome; Aztec, futuristic, medieval, and ocean. Everybody is subject which will be will change games, that you play to. Also, there are 4 play sorts; Physical, train, mental, and mystery. Selection genuine player to does genuine type games will do play easier or harder. Every player has at least one power and me I thinkthat the I found force of all signs. Every player also, evidently, has weakness, although I'm hasn't done no attempt at prove by evidence the. Pick at least one of of every kind before young improve your chance. From players have - not one's own name, only filling refer to lie be on grating:













doesn't know how play distributes force, it is possible I pass culled to someone. But skill caregory is most important. Use to someone, who wrote out up how ability on some of the plaies left and right will interchanged, doing that much more frustrating as though normal.

Then, when chosen your team, clicking on second button on lower right start playing. This button be usually what do you use to advance play.From now in I will only call this - ův ok ' button, even if it will never really saysthat the. Pick zone to began.Then click on that ' ok ' button and pick which player and whose playthat the you do you want play to.Press - ův ok ' key to advance again and play game.If you do you see cubes in lower right- většině button PCs . accidentally make a choice to you if you print it but you will still be give a chance to change PCs . election before clicks ' ok ' .

At playing peas holds your eye and ear on o'clock. When you see and hear at that time almost be out be ready to escaped play by pressing verification and escapist key at the same time. (I found in DOSBOX below XP pressing verification then escape makes XP catch it and open out activate button, but if did you printed escape then control play catch it and you escape.)

here’s complete list plaies in every zone:


Physical grasshopper play

raft - some variation platform jumper there has been in every world. In Aztec did you be promoted over shift rafts. I'm won hereof platform jumper most of all platform jumpers. If you alight on first raft only hold down leap button till then, than did you on the other side. Touch waters and at once be kicked up, no lock v.


vomits gods - You have you got limited number of rolls. Aim chute in statuary mouth and disengage ball in good time so their mouth approaches ball and they stops shift. Only 3 statuary to stopped, but timing weigh upon. If you run rolls before timer runs you automatically lose, no lock v. Pick to someone ability in skill peas or left and right will turned - up!

Build pyramid - catch the ball in chute how they pachinko down from the top. If you miss so have you lose ball as though you be caught up. On this account this be too disillusion and if you you do not have caught enough to earlier start running out escape to give wide berth lock v. Again, you do you want to someone who be good at skill peas.


formative Sodoku - organizes deck so that no column or row has two same form or colour. To tack to difficulty there's a empty point which shifts how do you implore solve it. Be quick or you will have to rethink what do you did you make. If you don't end in time you will under lock and key v. Trick is work in diagonals. Give all shapes on their diagonal, then re - arrange is colour in next diagonal. Give last piece on the spot and you win. But as usual, hold your eye on o'clock. It be easy to get lost and under lock and key v. Solitaire

pebble - A triangle turfs erased at golf in sand with rocks at all excepting one of them. Leap rocks to removed is, you win when there's a but one left. You can practise this from games easily enough to. If you get into point where you you do not have more movements you lose but if it were not for under lock and key v.


visual search - Mostu zones have one of the these. You get help and you must find what are they denote.A hold ' this way hides on the wall ' entailsthat the you need to clicked on hide on the wall. Judgment bad and you lose time. Run out of time and did you under lock and key v. Here are a few more help to help you :Did you finded small key ' entails clicks on a small chest on the table.look underfoot ' entails rug on the floor.



platform jumper - this have any much fast sphere that if you touchthat the you die. Timing weigh upon but if you touch them you simply lose and are not under lock and key v.


recycled Electrons - A High Resolution (relatively) version games snake as though probably did you played hundredfold. If you struck wall or your own tail you will lose, but won't under lock and key v. Nevertheless, if you will not collect all electrons earlier runs escape to avoidance of lock v.


lights out - buttons thrust forth or into the light. Resolution what combination will uncrew them all is trick. It is very difficult and do you usually end only accidentally striking buttons hope to see pattern. I'm won this several times, but it contemplation hopeless only escape so you you don't get under lock and key v.

Platonic Sequences - A play Simon with computer. A continuity coloured forms they will blink on and you must click on be all right. If you miss you lose but you don't get under lock and key v.


blackened maze - navigates your token through maze, but take care because enemy token navigate maze too and throw up smoky shutter to plait you. But you can go into a place night without problem and will illuminate way how do you you are going. But if you don't go away in time did you locked in if you don't escape.

Visual virgate - you ought to be acquainted herewith until now. This time it has space subject.



Snakes on aviations - (I could not sulk.) A platform jumper with snakes. It is taking some practice but if you become extinct earlier runs (probably) won't you under lock and key v.


Mind the wind - crossbow shot departure out 4 purposes with limited number of arrows. You will definitely want to to someone will train play ability or operating controls can be special. If you run arrows before you run out of time won't you under lock and key v. Use to someone who's mentioned up below ability or left and right will turned - up.


magic square - will order issue to formed same sum across, down and diagonal. It made difficult by the piece being dots no actual heat price numbers like one is used to. If you fail make it you will under lock and key v. Below is grating that shall help. Regardless of aim, find lowest totaled piece. Then give as though one to the point marked A on grating down. Next, find piece one higher than it and give it to in B, etc .. You win always:F









7 down to 7 across - Re - shuffle token to spelt word ' CRYSTAL.trick is to learned skim thatthat the you have you got all over (that can be done in one - shot run time bases sliding last conformable) so that you can lean others against them.


visual virgate - same than in Aztec zone but medieval subject.

Quiz - a fortune cashier asks you word problems. But be quick, because time tend to be short. It's better to guess wrong than let out time run. In this way you avoidance of be incarcerate.



OCEAN skipping - boxings you have to jump on doesn't go left and right, only up and down. Time your jumps to landed while boxes are afloat. But if you are not careful you will over jump. If you land in water earlier runs won't you under lock and key v.


walks board - You have you got limited number of implore lead your point through zig- změnu direction at movement cik cak board. Point will always move in directionthat the you print until you press in the opposite direction. If you run chance before you run out of time won't you under lock and key v.


signal flag - just like old play did you played how baby, pick two cards and if they match remove is, if they reshape will keep is and continue by. Will never ain't didn't lose this, but I I suppose if cannot do that in time did you shut v.

Sliding riddle - you get picture as though you must detach earlier runs . Till now soever I haven't seen this too scramble up and always be able to do it in time anybody I pick.


crystal is hot - A grating boxings be laid out before you.How do you click on boxing you will yclept if you get near to crystal usual ' warmer'/ ůvchladnější' help. Every judgment costs some time. If you don't find crystal earlier runs your player is under lock and key v.

Paint virgate - just like in Aztec and medieval.


it is last region you visit, point of the whole games. Always, when crystalthat the you collected give by every free field 5 seconds to caught as many gold tickets as possible, but keep in mind that every silver ticalthat the you catch arithmetic against you. FPS playing lurch ability are plus here.

Because every sign no locked in is given chance to get you gold seats, every locked in sign is 5 next time number crystals you have you got smaller time to angle for gold seats. With it in view you can buy people from lock out.Any time before you get into crystal dome, at looks at crystal did you won or clicks informative key ( crystal with red ' and ' on that), pressing down arrow, and clicks padlock beside your locked in sign. As a rule, you have more crystals than people purchase out regaining you time.

- information desk provided up, and any practice, had be fairly chance in whipping games.

Last thing I want remember is setting menu. You get right down to it clicks button - up in lower right with TV on that. You then get menu pad with election which will influence, from top to bottom, sound, entrance, play play, and button to protected your setting. I highly I prefer setting your input election so that do you know what your keys is defined how. Standard (/,ZA and space) is a little special.

Get back to options menu and click on play amusing button (thatthat the he looks like time crystal) and you will superior three buttons and slide - valve. Click first button to the left if wants play to practically mode. You can replay games without fear of getting incarcerate that is of fantastic way to get good on them. Unfortunately sparring match really no reckon because cannot go into a place crystal maze in center of. Second and third buttons will influence Regulationthat the you automatically visit four zone, clockwise or anticlockwise. Slide - valve works difficulty. Let alone left it is easier play will. The more slide - valve is transport the more it play to like real thing. 32 is standard.

Some of the thing said here are reflected in handbook.txt set included in play. But this review would had provide you with more information which will be puts young field margin

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Digital Jellyfish Design Ltd


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