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Year is 1927, and you play to inspector Raoulůva Dusentier, Frenchman - but don't let, no matter what it consigning you; it come in handy to play! One day, you received a letter invite you under weigh. It seems some rich man named Niklos Karaboudjan refurbished old pirate ship. Yar! No only itthat the, but it guesswork as though old piratic treasure is yet hidden somewhere within board: sunny navigation, treasure virgate and ... assassination of!

Yes, soon after you ride up, your ungrudging hostessy Niklos be assassinated, and found extinct in his room his servant. When you ride up at the scene crime, you be shot from someone. After several o'clock, that you wake up again, and you can start examining.

It do they really adventurous games to those, who love sense Agatha Christiu. Characters are deep, they all keep a secret, and every has estimation of all other. How do you walk around gigantic ship navigation you reveal numerous help and motives. It seems every has reason for slew barren of Niklos, of his son - in - law directly to priest gambling.

It will not abided long before it, than do you really get engaged in action and get sensation be some kind Herculea Poirot - right down to dim - witted moustache.

Graphically, play has alluring sensation at that. Backcloth be enough and rich in detail. Concerning characters, although they are not so rich in detail how backcloth, they move fluently and have 3D sensation them. At questioning signs you get more detailed view of their faces, that are also rich in detail.

I will not I won't say you any more of story, because if I say too much I destroy it. So, I will go over to female points games (oh lolipop!): Like all games, navigation for dead body have any scratches, but I I'm luckythat the announce as though they with difficulty stunting play.

First, navigation for dead body originally be done in French and be called Croisiere lijákův no Cadavre. Translations will never don't work up that well, so it is not surprising as though navigation for dead body has a few bugs dictionary now and then.For example, at the beginning games o'clock say ' tomorrow morning ' reflect one day passed. While it is correct combination words, that will be not taking genius to solved as though this fail to; but telling play is bad only thereforethat the of several philological slip - ups would was to nitpicking (and me love to nitpick).

Second, when I say navigation for dead body is just like Agatha Christieova book, I am in earnest! There are quite a few characters, and initially you you will have little problems resolution who's who and remembering who said and do that, Co. There is also energetic quantity talking to do, and list duologue election soever shoot up. In the end you end enquiring about characters ask already have examined. While this may be frustrating, that is extinguishable if you concentrate ( yetit is not exactly Tolstoyovu War and Peace).

Third, last (and biggest) defect: how time routes, entries discovers in certain seats. This believes you will have to check seats often. Only thereforethat the china closet was empty last did you open it, does not mean it will not contain sum later in play. Added to those matterthat the you can interact with almost any objectthat the you do you see on screen, and often you find myself are stuck and quite sulky.

But there are two dinky mercy: Play uses map, so you be liable to stroll around for either ship's part to the next and give wide berth long walkabouts (if only real life was as though easy). Play also be used o'clock; any time you will find quantification helps, o'clock acts few minutes. This let you know when new objects can be found. While this do not seem like much, that can be quite handy.

Well, there you have you got it. Now it's up to you make up one's mind if you mood for good - but often difficult - adventurous play detective story.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Delphine Software International


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