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Crossbow - The Legend of William Tell Reviews

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' gutsy hero, did you my truest eye; has most experienced champion; mine credible commandant! I put you in load forgetful children mine sister - in - law. What practical joker!I be sent to them to a - ův road way ' of sorts. Bucklers is at any rate...

well, this is not exactly conspiracy, but it might also be. You have to buckler group walking adventure - and walking is everything they it seemsthat the do - that are completely oblivious to myriad disfigurement and plethora danger which cluster round is. All manners pestering animal, whammy, and natural disaster will call on you for life adventure. Only weapon you have to defend is is your reliable...

Crossbow! It's PC remake of an old favourite arcade offers EGA graphic designerthat the are viable but surely no bull's eye. Sound miss consisting only noises over speaker of, but at least they reflect until villain just cluster round your group.

DOSBOX play game (I be on XP) but with some graphic troubles.VDMSOUND behave well, but I'd proposed you ' cap DOS timing frequence ' and reduce CPU usage.

Like burning crossbow screw to neck, this play injury first, and then mercifully finish be quick ! If you were fan PC games then this will will hit, failing that you can find better way to get shaft.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Absolute Entertainment


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