F-117 Stealth Fighter
F-117 Stealth Fighter - náhled

F-117A Stealth fighter - Nighthawk je starsimulátor, který vyšel z americké firmy MPS Labs v roce 1993.


Cross Country Canada Reviews

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If you like ride lorries, cargo stowing, foods and flow once in a while, that is your play! In reality it is like educational play, but with sensation malingering. So, what's this play all about?

You ( driver) governs lorry about Canadians, loading and forwarding load. But, like normal lorry, you can get flaccid tires, accident damage-or run flow. So you have to think about abbreviations, ways to sleep smaller (or more, that is your choice) before going to the next town, where you have to figure out. All by oneself type headquarters and material like "start lorry", "her", "get gas" and next... How field travel among cities, they learn valuable skills such as problem solving, map read, and making decisions.

What caught mine attention in this is that you can take turns with to other player on same PC; I ain't didn't try it but it can be good if you be set to tamper with friend... or enemy.

At all events, it is like text adventurous play, but with more graphic art. To CGA, handsome .

Play tend to be difficult without these: command prompt. Check extra train for them.

Only type in instantaneous "CCAN" and printing entrance.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Ingenuity Works


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