Heimdall 2 - Into the Hall of Worlds
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Nevím kde pro začátek tato hra. Všechno je tak dobře udělaný, a všechny aspekty hry zaslouží si nějaká slova obdivu.

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What's green, delightful, and crawl on your shoulder? It's climber - namely be going to turn on butterfly when you finish riddle!

This play them as child's version incredible Machine. You must solve puzzle by building and giving tools in the right place, then watch your little climber how so turn into butterfly and fly off.

If you zpříčíte , you can always ask professor's counsel!

Play isn't intricate; it is somewhat merry making, and much delightful. I'd it put 3 globally. Even if it appraised quite low, said would it be something, what must have if you ever eye revisit innocent days your childhood.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Destiny Software Productions, Inc.


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