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Crazy Cars 2 Reviews

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So that is second part of the mad with automobile plaies and factthat the it get along only a year after first play really did not mean people in Titusovi spent whole much time to making improvement over firstpart.

OK, first you notice better (and I mean much better) EGA graphic art. Then there's a crimp on way, gear shifting (although entirely of low high) and there's a embranchment in the way of where you can thrust forth major road.

This time won't you driving Mercedes also, that is red Ferrari. Difference between the two autos (at least according to games) are it Ferrari cannot jump, while Mercedes jump all the time, Ferrari be in a position explode and unlike Mercedes Ferrari does have steering wheel. It he is all right, if you struck something you will explode and if you will you come to a close roads - or strike your car too many a time play finishes (even when time will not run out yet). In lower genuine parts screens also catch sight of steering wheel. So did you rotary it on order to drove and you have to give it back to could go straight again. This believes you will have more control of by car and that the car may even spin out of control.

You be given the options to run game with mouse, but sincerely I isn't will never understood how anybody can drive a car with mouse (in computer races I mean). Personally I don't like this feature, but it is appendage to play. Also you get into see more statistical compilation on top of screens, but they yet are not enough to ( tichajá I can't make out how much at the requested purposes).

Yet play isn't anything holler for. It be good enough to bring us third part (mad with Cars 3 and that is a.to.a. version Lamborghini American call appeal for), but that is about it.

Perhapsthat the would could want to give it a try, that can be merry making little time abortion for half an hour, but I question you get dependent at that.

Part mad with Cars trilogy

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Titus Interactive


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