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Následující 1992 vydání zpětného záběru: Pátrání po identitě, rok 1995 viděl vydání zvětšené CD verze uvádějící nový filmový s lepší hudb


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Mad with Cars is simple competition play as though I will never really will if it were not for comprehend how so began whole trilogy. I'm sorry, but forepart only not seem to be good enough to kept set alive. At least not the first COMPUTER GAME, although C64 play is not very better (only have better graphic art).

You have you got some car, Mercedes, and you need to race across USA with it. On way you catch up next autos, and examine beat o'clock. If time projects before you achieve ends steps - better luck next time.

Operating controls be truly a simple. You get into speed up, break - in, veer left the or right (any change transmissive stupňůnebo anything). When you achieve side of the road nothing becomes ( car will not whip or anything) and are not really no crimp couldn't bend out. You only need to guard striking of other out, because if you do you do, did you slow and time runs . Also if you struck car and slow down, autos behind they may catch up you and if they struck you on way they make you jump.

While in mid air (either vault over parts roads - or getting bitwise to other by car) you be at large rate of swelling and you can manoeuvre. So it is not good thing to leapt, especially if next autos are overtaker you (perhapsthat the would are could want to are move to the side of the road while you get enough to rate of swelling to really return into competition).

A it is about that. Perhapsthat the would could also graft judge to blench in o'clock, but you need to got that far first.

Play feature CGA 4 coloured graphic designer, but if you have you got CGA orchard in DOSBOX you can choose colour (see screenshot) or you can thrust forth colours and get B/W play. You can also turn strains about/near and joint joystick, but none of that does play any /every /any better or more merry making. You will notice also, you will have to slow down play in DOSBOX ( below 300 cycles).

Only thing, what could've been gently interesting be high score list at the end, if you really want compete for the best time and have some friends who'll some marvel of love this play, so you'll have hot armchair race. Failing that it is a pity time.

So final judgment... Only wellthat the went off out of this play was third part - mad with Cars 3 a.to.a. Lamborghini American Challenge - already on the spot.

Part mad with Cars trilogy

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Titus Interactive


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