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Váš počítačový cínový hlas oznamuje, nyní přijímající příchozí zpráva. A trojrozměrný obraz ženy zdá se. Ona je úder, ale ona vypadá vel


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Builder is building play, so purpose is to builded outhouse, do money, and finish set aims. You have you got only five maps to played, though, that is of main disillusion. Builder be too humorous and ain't got piece seriousness of, so if you you do not have like amusing games this is not to you.

Play is deep and has much lynxs, inclusive election using police, gangsters and apparatus to help you to defeated your opponent of and do your inhabitant happy. If your inhabitants becomes unhappy, quits and stop reaping money and extra personnel (who builds outhouse and can be converted into repairmený and gangsters) and tenants (who will populate your outhouse). Personnel they may also take over outhouse and attack enemy workers. Repairmen my only imposition mending your outhouse, while gangsters they may attack enemy much more effectively than personnel and are singleton who can assault outhouse.

AI be exceedingly pitiless and won't hesitate base on your provincial, will take over it, destroy your outhouse, and generally wreak havoc. Graphic art rarely be done for such primitive motor. Sound is nicely done, although it is not top-grade quality. This play is merry making, because it soak through charm and is intriguingly addictive as soon as you get into that.

Builder has several shady pages also: While plane glass surface is a common easy - to - use, that has extremely poisonous nonfeasance - - you cannot use genuine mouse button to drowe your workers, who they may get much poisonous when you examine build up region quickly before AI move in. Also, play hasn't much variants, and as soon as you empty initial charm and merry entertainment, that quickly gets boring.

Globally, Constuctor be exceedingly comical play while it lasts. It works good in DOSBOX, but make sure, whether you set aside video animation, how divers be missing from file.

Year of publication: 1997

Made by: System 3


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