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Conqueror - A.D. 1086 Reviews

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- BEST voice act soever - BEST character generator - whacking atmosphere and submersion - court lady's in tournaments and change one's condition - attractive lines conspiracy for lady's - comical siege fortified castle first person drunk - It feels whacking how you - get strong andrich

Cons: - strategic elements poorly be done - play is given repeated except in dam - passage of time is cranky

have you always dream are were champion king, assassination of dreaded dragon, and marrying some fiery fox? Nah... I am certainthat the you would counsel only borrow some money, buy sword, kill every man's, and marry bad, but indisputably attractive flapper. You can do also. Heck, you can even stir and match! In the end, you win slaughtering dragon or by head and shoulders relief grinding king his crowns.

Conqueror a.D. 1086 do a thing I am not will never show through in any other play: It is taking clumps poorly done mini plaies, gives is together, and do that big experience.

Initial video is one of the most memorable I've seen, and gardens things up well. You withdraw from role young knight in medieval England with many big adventures in front. You can visit tournament where you you can weave and endeavour to do fair lady's. This way is requisite, to slew dreaded Dragon. Or you can fight out fortified castle and growth strong enough to, to called upon king in London.

CHARACTER GENERATOR 5/5 character generator be as good it is probably same that, that made Chuck Norrisa! You roll for your beacon statistical returns and then face dilemma in every year your development from age 12 - 17. This they will just like every other generator outside, except in advance designer do a thing CRAZY! Your choice have OUTCOMES based on and influence your statistical compilation. So if your sign is not very strong, dancing into fires breathing dragonish den with dah and big ego will be not over well. I promise. On the other side if you be as strong you do professional fighters ask their masculinity, you probably end starting your play with handsome support in gold and glory of. I word for word I'm spend hours making by other signs I wish seen another record I could get.

THE FIRST PERSON SLASHER GAME 4/5 You will kick down gate fortified castle and immediately drifted surprised enemy cross - Bowman. Before, than he even is given chance to fire away his screwthat the he falls in your legs. You bone up and down skywaies fortified castle seeking enemy overlord. How do you stamp up and down room you will find dining room with dishs pheasant duos journal and mugs light English beer. Evidently you build up for fast tiffin. You notice at looking at your skilful map fortified castle that there seems a wall where there should be door. You feel about walls, and doubtless, part wobble open out. Lo and why ! A suit full armour plating rest on displaies before your greedy eyes. A think your local farrier wanted 3500 shillings for suit, when would you mind only dance into your neighbour - Ova fortified castle and find thatthat the suits you only genuine.

Taking enemy fortified castle is very comical play. Gadgetry are simple: you trail with cursor keies and genuine clicking on enemies to attack them. Another arms have another range, rate of swelling, and armour penetration. In principle, unless you have good enough weapon, you will not be able to kill enemy overlord, and which only happen to be your aim. A handsome feature finds equipment digging about as though you may use. You'll also use FPS mode for outside fight in tournaments and nightclub fights also. On victory you will hear affected laughter. Pure for analysis horror.

THE STRATEGY GAMES 3/5 at that time it is months again...time to set your increases. Should you are were to be rather sincerely pillaging fortified castle and courting lady's, but let's go be fair, that lie you do your real money. You order your serfs to planted clumps cereal fields and even more fields haricot bean (of those serfs love their haricot bean). Then you have plenty houses will build. More home believes more hire. You build monastery also, because the monkhood it seemsthat the do every man's come on. You be heard your sousedův are were call more and more silver - mine not long ago - what madman. Why my silver, when you can mine gold?

Strategic aspect games is simple trifle; until you have you got much products, and several granary, come in harvest - time you'll have much money. You can then spend as though money to buy of several pits, and in the end go to the point where you do you do proper monthly revenue. You'll also need to build as many home how you can so you get more and more serfs. You need much serfs to made gigantic armies. You get always over most every month goes through until you have you got houses and increases. So have you obtain serfs when you take over enemy fortified castle.

Building aspect fortified castle games unfortunately it seems nonsensical. Regardless, what do you build, always you will fight on same empty looking map at defence your fortified castle. If you don't build no nothing, you will fight in your villagethat the at least look nice.

Politic battles are simple and usually too overcrowded use much strategy. Pole - axe beat knights, knights beat fencer, and swordsmen beat pole - axe.

GRAPHICS 5/5 portraits be too realist. First person continuity look penalty. Various screens cities, victory or defeat, and your home are first - rate done. Terrestrial map views handsome enough to. Only thing disillusion is in tournament continuity, but you should concentrate on enemy knight at all events. Globally graphic art be overwhelming.

SOUND 6/5 sound in those play is astonishing. Music be all right and sound effects do work nicely. Voice act, nevertheless is best from some /every /no games I have ever played. Reason, why I saythat the is because, even if you be but play sound files for me, I yet will be able to distinguish every sign. Every voice is memorable and totally dealt.Z - ův two sta shillings feel some men earn in life!moneylender, innocent voice Jane asking, what wants talk to me about?deep intonation priest how he says, good morning, my son, how can you bear a hand?every voice is excited and plunges you totally into games. All vocal showmen would have had have to learn from this play. If there is one reason, why should you play to conqueror, that is for voice act.

OVERALL 5/5 I'm played conqueror time and time again. While it has much rents, that be one of most comical plaies I played. It's experience really worth have. Sham!

There's a problem with the benefit of hindsight. You will notice you can speed adjustment time flow from 1x to 15x. Well, rate wherein you travel across terrestrial map unevenly be adapted to. In 1x rate of swelling I hardly ever will refrain it some /to everyone /no tournament month ago ends, where how in 15x hustles I can usually cut across the country in 20 time of day. Any time you go to the tournament, use 15x rate of swelling and quickly slow down it how do you get there. Use F and S change speed.

Tournament was gigantic call appeal for for me to solved, but surprisingly it is simplest thing and as soon as you learn it you win every tournament. Simply will point out point spear in enemy shield and follow shield how do you get near. Real tournament be more forgiving than practice tip - up you can do from main smaller. Good Luck.

Alt - O takes you to election overshadow so you can buckler your play.

A special remark from upload:

Hereto, to made play alot smaller, land - gamete video was to very much downsampled - meaning it is not nearly as high - quality how original video.

Simply run CONQUER.EXE from componentsthat the you removed, and you will be able run game!

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.


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