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Conan - The Cimmerian Reviews

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Conan Cimmerian, famous barbarian from books and comic, strongest and most powerful warrior there was, has but one aim in his life, his purpose existence: find riddle steels, so as soon as he dies and his godly Crom ask him about riddle, he'll know reply to and Crom will invite him sit up beside him. In many adventures and battles, that he fought, through much land and cities he was, much man and wife he met, but he always bear st. in mind what he must learn before, than he in the end buries for ever.

All of you probably already don't you know, who Conan is. If some of the younger one had never heard of him before, now they did. After books and comic, Conan began " shelter" in films (Arnoldovi Schwarzeneggerovi) and in video games. This is not first play with Conanem (there sympathize with PC and next PCs . and consols and was to mostly action basis) and surely isn't last (there are hack'n'slash games, now in 3D). Yet, if this play isn't better than any other play with Conanem, than there isn't another Conanův play better than to this. It's adventurous play, but no adventure like the onesthat the you be used to in video games - lift some objects and use be somewhere. It's REAL ADVENTURE, where you have to lead Conana in his actions- wrapt adventuring in search of his vengeance. What vengeance, perhapsthat the would could ask? Well, that is story about first and biggest adventure Conana - slaughtering bad magic Totha Amon.

Legend Conana begins in his village, peaceful one, into militaries Totha Amon came brining demolition ( to those, who doesn't know yet, he was took be slave till then, than he became a warrior, but it is next story, no exactly used in thegame). Conan is the only survivor and he roamed provincial till then, than he attained gate Shadizar. It lie his adventure begins. Conan have to become stronger, build his myth warrior and find ally to lead war against his sworn enemy Tothovi Amon. Except act with many enemies, also this meansthat the Conana will have to execute some office. This will drive him new localities and new danger. On the other side, there are a lot of to look into mostly in Shadizar) it can drive him new treasures and sums (and enemies). Although do you really don't need to pestered about with by any room and placing, any more investigation can come in skilful. So, either you like only follow main search or give your nose wherever you can, you will satisfied.

Play is play at down from top look when you be on open out and in sideview when in duel or inside. Conan can improve his skills notching office, improve his militant skills by train (as though costs money), find, buy or sell various entries etc . concerning skills, there are three another sorts attack: swing, jostle and cut (Conana only knows "wobble" at the beginning), every you may be improved expensive training, but you will use stuck all the time (silent, study / into - learn next attacks also, you will need to be). Concerning purchase and sale, Shadizar has much businesses which do business variety of sums (farrier, locksmith, usual goods...). You can find entries on different localities, inclusive one-family house in Shadizar, although it called stealing. Well, Conan was thief when he was young, so nothing stops you from stealing till then, than you happen powerful warrior which finds danger and adventure to be much more provocative and yielding.

In oven you will need to find extinct dog restaurant to encountered some interesting people, but you have you got of the whole town to look into if you like. You can steal money, jewellery and next entries which can be sold. Use money to buy better arms, equipment and train. Uncared - for if you buy or sell, you can negotiate much handsome and interesting), but thinks as though businessmen Shadizar puts their money as readily. You can buy and find key to gain access to some under lock and key houses and much major localities also. Conanův inventory isn't boundless, so if you want to search underfoot Shadizar for treasure house, do this before going into impositions did you get from Shadizar, for which you will need much equipment. Nevertheless, office they will demand you, so that are be up to dick, no I wish used simple power. Only, what Conan dreaded is magic and that is for he is clever. He used to say: "what welfare is sword against magic?" they is magic in this search, power come short of, to didn't clear out.

Conan, fearless warrior, will have plenty duel, but also will have plenty adventure in those play. Vengeance, battles, faery, cities, fortified castle, warriors good, warriors bad, thieves, monkhood, personnel, common people, foreign creatures, terrible creatures, much interesting seats and wayward situation - everything is here. Well, there be no new love for Conanovi, except in that, that make him want to his vengeance (unlike film and this play, he once said: "there are thousands women in this world and anybody there's no point in be dying for"). Conan will have been both strong and clever, gutsy and fly, fearless and shrewd, unbreakable and flexible, scathing and merciful, fast and patient... A, in the end, he she'll get his vengeance.


they is but one buckler slot, so you would had be fairly careful.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Synergistic Software, Inc.


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