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Age of Empires je jedna z prvních her založených historických faktech, kterou vyvinula společnost Ensemble Studios a vydala firma Microsoft


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Mandatory H.Q. is fabulous strategy game it malingers historical first world's war and II, theoretic World War III, fictitious randomize world war IV, and ????, which be too distant futuristic war.

Play heads out with peas military (except in WWIV and ????), cities, and petroleum field (WWIII+). Preponderance most militaries are soldiers, that you use to militate against enemy, catch cities & petroleum field, and buckler cities you own. There's a improved version soldiers (those are tanks) which be basically combination force two military periods. There are also sea troop (which soldiers & tanks they may transform into) which cover up destroyer (that are preponderance sea militaries), below (secret traffic cosh - boies), transport (what soldiers & tanks transform into), and flying transporters (they - have airunit also). There's a air forces which can transport next troop, misdoing friend terrestrial troop, aggressive cities, as well as destroy next air forces (if they're in your aggressive zone).

There is also foreign aidthat the allows neutral provincial (or one it stand neuter with enemy) add your force or leave friend. There are satellite which allow you to see anything in their visual angle field. There are also satellite cosh - boies who, unsurprisingly, kill satellite. There are Intel scanningthat the allow you to see all troop during break - in- ohňů. And then there's a final item in play, nuke (it cannot be used against capital because they've ABMS), which kill everything in his raies, and does people raging up to you (making them either leave you or join enemy), and turns - all terrain ini radii on wasteland of. Only thing resources in play are money (in milliards) and oil (WWIII and later), which makes things easy to drove. AI has several setting problemsthat the tend to be precise name versions of what their skill levels is.

Strains be but standard PC speaker quality, run of the mill. Everything looks penalty in graphic detachment, and generally quite handsome. On the whole, mandatory H.Q. is infinite play repetition, and me give that 4/5.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Ozark Softscape


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