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, které We již hostící části I a III této série, tak myslela byly si, že by měly bychom bývaly tyto, druhá část, také.

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Time for some story. When ID made Wolfenstein 3D, they jump the queue unseen and revolutionary. But after destruction, první - shoot men start to be named Doom - like games. When Westwood made first real - time strategic dune, that was mixture adventure and strategy and "real - time" always wasn't used how expression. True defining today's known genre came with his continuation, that brought real - time strategy life. But silent there wasn't play which made this genre popular enough to, to triggered video- hry do business brimmed with his clones. No before order & contesting.

C&C be the first play in set that would state most popular in this genre. Did you probably hear from Generals, red alert or Tiberian Sun. Well it is how so everything began. In reality, that is in many ways much similar dune 2. You "reap" to could be making money, that will allow you construct outhouse and buy troop. At that time, starting with dune 2, this more or less be principle in all real - time strategies: outhouse and expanding your base and armies, congregation assorted supplies. Usually in this type plaies winner be by, who have more money. Also, awards basic unit and textures resemble one in dune 2 (casern are 300, shooter is 100...). Yet, programmer succeed in hold C&C from going "only clone". At least, they care for story.

Comparison it to the little plaies in this genre which went off before C&C, well, C&C be more superior in every way. Better graphic art, excellent sound, more periods and movies among levels which forms absorbing tale (original C&C went off 2 CDS that were mostly replete animations; this would happened to common practice from Westwooda in future). But biggest and most important innovative activity was possibility of choose and move so by many periods how are you demanded. In previous peas, if you want to send 10 troop on the offensive, did you had to exert same ceremony for every single unit. Even in warfare 2, only real - time strategy which could be in competition with C&C, would you mind choose maximum from 9 periods. Now, attacks be easy to exert and more complicated attacks would could be done. Aim strategy- žánru always was in show player realistic picture other warfare, and that was big improvement.

Tiberium be too foreign plant. Certain scientist discovered as though it consists of different substance, and as though some of them they may cause weighing charge degeneration to human body. Next substance showed be exceedingly valuable. One man, named Kanes, formed Brotherhood NOD, and began collection Tiberium. Soon, NOD began use it for their bad plans. They gather tons money on purchase tons arms, and soon they became small military instead of small sect. Their power quickly expands Africa - continent without big armies to stopped is and soon Kanes turned his attention Europe. All the world began shake namely be understood as though he had to be stopped. Wealthy Western country formed Global Defense Initiativenebo simply GDI, for single - purpose: stop and destroy Brotherhood nod. War began.

More or less, that would be story. At the beginning, you pick which side you do you want lead. Of course, GDI is stronger how they consist of by other militaries, so they put out arms and have had various tools during the war, like airstrike and horrible gun ion ( laser beam from satellite). On the other side, NOD have to buy arms and build defences how they fight stronger GDI force, until they nerve enough to strong for open enmity. I think this puts you sensation what is happening. GDI limps at once - before, than Kanes shoot up too strong. On the other side, NOD implore first assign to their dominion among civilian (for example: first mission in NOD campaign is to terminated leader some village, since, what he did problem). When GDI walks, you will have hard start of in some of the level, only fight out small and rudimentary GDI bases and use you installation for your own purposes. So both GDI and NOD presents what ought, and for me as though part games uncrew real penalty.

In GDI campaign you champion Europe, and in NOD campaign for Africa. Every level does in a certain provincial, so before level will start that the you get information on choice provincial (totally irrelevant, but leave good impression since, what do you be at war). When I'm he said choice, that entailsthat the from time to time you can choose another levels of. That doesn't mean reallythat the you jump some of the level, only that there be more map for certain levels of (anybody played dune 2 would had be acquainted with herewith). Well, sometimes you get another jobs so, that can be interesting to played C&C again and again. In both campaigns there are 14 - 15 levels. Yes, number level can change depending on certain missions, but you need to sink down deep into those games so that found it out everything. I should think so would I'm was familiar with buckler play on by other slots before finishing every levels of, if you do you want to played of the whole accessible map. There are three another map last level both for NOD and GDI, but at last level there be no change missionary aims.

When I saw C&C I I'm began seriously think about purchase PC. Little jolly good fellow exercising when they have - not no order, small explosion and war cry. Civilians with houses and church. Fires- provádí any time tree is burning or when oil is burning in civil refinery. Also, programmer made special efforts to do Tiberium, plant that is of base all play is make - up on. It is like crystal grass and shoot up spreading his roots, and from seeds certain Blossom Trees. If human period moves across Tiberum, they'll released energy, but vehicles they may cruise these field no problem at all. Tiberium extends, so perhapsthat the would could want to letthat it%%= shoot up to could find out more from that (yes, this dangerous plant is administration money). Reaper are reaping until they are not filling - up costly substance, but small and young Tiberium herbage have - not no crystal and is missing substancethat the you need for money. Irritating enough to, reaper always huddle young plants so hamper Tiberium from spreading. So you should look out for your reaper.

It is also worst part games. AI simply be badly off. It's reason, why reaper can be irritating, and why you will probably able "read" opponent of strategy and fixate your defence on every level, and which is why you will be able strike in with their bases combating enemy, while several - enemy soldierswill only will not come several ins (monitorial distance are measured) only cleaning their weapon. Also, computer isn't able performing more complex attacks yet, that have any gimmickry. Well, this does not make this play too easy. In reality, that is hard, but only before you assign to strong base. Then, you probably have you got friend in your hands, well, if you have got enough agents that is of. Yet, no take it for granted, because computer struck me hard several times when already I'm I'm had strong defence. Know as though you don't build your base in every level. In reality, programmer be truly a successful with possession did you appended play next story. Levels of be much more interesting in this way.

Concerning troll friend structures, well, I don't know if it is bad or good. You use engineers therefor. In contradistinction to in of other Westwoodových strategies, here you simply need single engineer to intercepted some /every /no outhouse that you do you love. Of course, they die easily, but it is yet terrible when vehicle with some engineers admission to your base and they recapturing some of your outhouse (didn't have in habit go so late that the computer will exert this how usual attack). On the other side, it is very merry making and efficient when you do you do same your opponent of. Now, I would I'm had remember that the building yard is most important structure in some /every /no base. It allows outhouse of other structures, so if it destroyed and you have you no textures to foughtthat the you will once - over. It go for your opponent of also. You can put out MCV ( vehicle which transforms himself into new building yard, but it cost 5000) and only can be produced if your technical performance be high). Now more about technology flattens.

Technical performance increases how do you act through play. It holds you and your friend in certain technological levels, which meanthat the cannot put out all textures and troop which exist, unless technical level be at it highest. I think as though anyone who played some /every /no real - time strategy be acquainted with herewith. It meansthat the you put out female troop at the beginning, and stronger one at the end. Same calls for your friend. Why do they this important when surely do you know this already? To multiplayer mode, of course. Like every strategy it be more merry making to play against human player. In reality, that be but in multiplayer mode that the technical performance be at it highest. Which meansthat the you can put out aggressive troop, and or fire eukaryotic missiles with NOD. I thinkthat the Westwooda made good work with giving you option to pick technical level. Well, that be but mine opinion since, what none of my friend soever retrenched it. If you catch friend building Yard or structure for producing periods, you will have access to enemy structures or periods. In one word: fine !

Now that is about it. Little raw and coloured graphic designer (VGA), whacking sound, couple of thing that can be very merry entertainment and games that is not too hard. Well, it was very hard for me when I'm sham with mine best friend. Nobody is used hereto, to real - time strategy back then. Although straight purposes they may vary, anybody he is allowed to be experienced player herewith type plaies would have had be able to end it, sooner or later at least. Also, the, who already played next continue to be the used to have much periods and structures. Well, C&C have got enough periods but red alert and Generals have much more, so I would I'm had remember this. At the end it is legend which, like already I'm he said, began whacking set. To me it is yet much merry making, so has counsel is definitely give it a try. Too bad there are no movies because do they really be something. I question as though anyone who played C&C can forget Kanea, conventionalized- zlo with smooth smile.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Westwood Studios


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