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I keep in mind how a little preschool child I'm was had little building kit with pictures on them. Did you had to place blocks together well and would you mind see picture (they all have had Disneyovy motives). I'm be too surprised to found that the society named Gamos (believes me, I isn't will never heard about them before, than I'm rammed upon this play) made play exactly based on such blocks. They pack in up in story so Columbusové Discovery get to be.

Presumption is simple. You need place together six pictures from Columbusské voyage to New World. So have you need to adjusted is in correct order (so cannot encounter populace, if even did you didn't float from port of register). Once every picture be finished you get small animation and commentary on what picture believes. Giving that everything together you get much simplistic view of Columbusskou navigation and first contact with populace (no historically accurate, but much simplistic).

You can turn or turn blocks so you may see each of their six as regards, and you can change position blocks while they're flip-flop on definite direction. You do you do all of this with either keyboard or mouse. First you choose action ( dálkunalevo - three coin) then you choose whereto blocks you use you action. Turning and chop around it seems simple enough, but favour shift them. I I prefer you only move one block at that time. Pick out blockthat the you do you want move choose BUT ONE) and then right - click on blockthat the you do you want change it with. Failing that you will have disorder.

Play has handsome graphic art and animation on end of play (small conquistador looming among telling you did you make good movement is nothing but trouble), but sound is better left off (you can do it by pressing S). By pressing EXIT you you can return into main smaller, where you can load, buckler, left or get help.

Play be fairly unique and can get disillusion. Sometimes you should really last entirely different the point of view to finished something, and if there is no way end certain picture, then you jump in front in story and he should probably plied next scene all the time.

Together solid piece entertainment, especially fit for younger field, but provocative enough to single pass anybody.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Gamos Ltd.


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