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Have you ever wonder, what it would be like be mister criminal without having to in reality get your hands seamy? Now you can find out edge hold!, deliciously devious return to 1950s English maffia. Slack Neo softvérem in the year 1994 how Der Clou! in Germany, this uniquely complex adventurous/strategy game allows by many occasion hereto, plan perfect crime.

How Matt Stuyvesant, wouldbe - criminal mastermind Polish descent striking streets London for the first time, have to start do your circulation and supply your skills how thief and planner. This play be full of interest and coloured signs, many of whom can help you in your search to happened to main thief - for cut gains. Even more interesting is play list localities; divers come through titlarks, while many are real historical building in London. Every placing that can be despoilment has viewing option which allows you to trace and collect all necessary information desk you needs until you wants - but don't stand about too long, how so can look extremely suspicious to the local.

Play can be boring and disillusion at the time, how so requires scrolling through lump menu for everything from simple conversation shift among localities. Everything, what do you see and hear it is concerning intriguing crime is saved in your thinking menu, in conjunction with object, osobounebo impertinent statisticals. It can be difficult to got your sidle at the beginning, but if you have you got small patience, that is rewarding. Also, play strains from první - men třetímu - look men when you planning of work. Not only is this somewhat confusion first, but operating controls change from bodu - 'n - click arrow key manipulation of, so do not let it go down you during your 1st planning session.

Don't forget to find genuine tool for robbery: Hold! has much elect. Every has another statistics, such as sound levelthat the it generate, objects you can be used on, and ability require that use it. Withal, some of the requisite ability be too claims to come to, so make sure, whether you pick he - male for work also. Selection genuine tools and cohorts they may very much workmanlike or break your tempted theft. There is also proper row escapist vehicles to elected, each of which can be to a given some adjustment in helpful promising robber.

After you successfully did you make robbery, remember to pledge except your goods to fit marketer. Be careful, though: Just like in real life, some businessmen have - not like to it when you have you got your fingers in more'n one pot...and they definitely have - not like to it when you are saying lie jostle it, then come back later with your tail among your legs to reopen negotiation. After you pawn except goods, you can then face round and reinvest your hard - earned paste on more tools business.

A, for all you play experts outside who he takes interest in taking look in source code, don't forget to auditioned open- source project for hold! in < href="http://sourceforge.net/projects/cosp/">http://sourceforge.net/projects/cosp .

Have a good time be bad, and don't forget to said streaky bacon which Abandonia sent yes!

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: neo Software Produktions GmbH


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