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Clue - Master Detective Reviews

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Have you ever wanted be detective? To solve crimes which be past understanding most human being? To be listed in phone bunch Scotlandu Yardu, and be known to their best investigators how main Detective? Well, then ... you will have to find some next play.

Hold - main Detective be based on popular boardgame known as Cluedo (or hold, to those, who live in North America), in which the you get imposition solving simple assassination of through deduction. Basically, you stray and propose to be able to sketch who made thatthat the weapon is used, and where it is to make. You can choose "who" and "what" freely, but to she could have design for murderous scene, you have to be in correct rooms. If you are wrong in your proposal, parts that are untruth will added to your "nothing to do with murderous" remarks.

So, how it works? At the beginning, all cards (men, arms, rooms) are stir and divided among field (at least three people or human player against computer) - except in one's cards from of each of genre, that shall displaced in advance how murderer,murderous weapon, avražedná scene. You pick your sign (or characters if you tamper with your friend) among ten guests, who everything have lineation. Computer, at playing side of other detectives, has three levels of problems (which can unfortunately everything be beaten out easily). Basically, play works the same way as original boardgame, but with minor difference: there are twelve room and four additional signs.

There are no voices or music, graphic art are dated, and thought will not readjust computer play very well. It's nothing more than short, computer version known boardgame from Parker Brothers, that hasn't what say to industry playing.

Cluedo fans probably this way play most - when they are not playing against each other in real play.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Dalali Software Ltd.


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