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Clockwiser Reviews

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Clockwiser is simple yet difficult play riddle team Hoiem. In every level, you have you got building kit to the left screens and next gardens right - handed. ; the point is to drowe blocks to the left so they match one right - handed, and everything you can do is move blocks to the left by selection clump of about them and rotary is either clockwise or anticlockwise, how title - implies.

You have you got limited time finish by any levelthat the begins numeration as soon as you will do your first move. To move blocks, you possession- and - kites mouse to hauled boxing around them, and then use buttons on bottoms- left by turn is. Buttons on bottoms- právu allow you to restart or leave level. Every once in a while level you get password in casethat the you do you want revert to that later.

Play has 100 levels of, ranging from easy-Peasy, that is of mains you through bases games, impossible, where you only have few seconds to completed cerebral- life - saving levels of. A if they are not enough to, there is also inbuilt straight editor to tack to merry entertainment. In casethat the did you colour - blind, play has colour set so you can distinguish failing that coloured blocks.

There differ block type in play, every with their own unique behaviour: Coloured blocks - standard behaviour: destructible, movable and effected gravitational pull. Metal - indestructible, stationary and unspoiled gravitational pull. Brick - unspoiled gravitational pull. Gold - stationary. Bombshells - will to displace when lowered. Rock - Self - replicate when lowered. Teleport Pods (mule - -coloured) - blocks lowered on top of they're teleported for either pod to the other. Anti gravitational pull (arrow on top) - blocks over them are not effected gravitational pull.

Graphic art and sound isn't nothing breath - taking, all the same enough to good for play riddle. Globally, that be too original play riddle that shall hold some /of each of /of no fan riddle hooky for hours, attempt at solve right move to completed by any level, so I puts that 5.

On printing - down- protective cathode - raytube, only prints some /every /no letter. Sound Blaster automatically be detected. Play won't play to sound below Windows XP.

ONLINE VERSION: On July 10., 2008, team Hoi undid online remake Clockwiser. Remake can be played free in

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Team Hoi


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