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Cirque de Zale Reviews

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Realitythat the this very entertainer be formed woman is surprising enough to, and realitythat it%%= be formed using free of charge games motor will do so even more interesting; well, to me, at all events, how I have always wanted put out adventurous play. (This motor is available to download HERE.)

I continue to be be surprised herewith play and had to chuckle in duologue, something that does not becomes me often at playing computer plaies. Plane glass surface is used liken to LucasArts monkey island and Indyovým plaies, with usual thing search going on; but something about cirque de Zale struck me how unique and more života - similar than usual games conspiracy. Principal characteristic, Zale, wasn't on heroic search to protected anybody or anything. This brassy Simon Sorcerer - like sign just want create by its own circus.

I'm look around web in of other reviews those games, and there was mixed views say the least. Divers have treated that farthat the design for, to it is work genius, while next critics be disappointed graphic art, simple riddle and termination.

Nevertheless, Andail, AGS seats (which treats games motor which fecit play), made this play selection months for May and saidthat the even if 2004 was strong year in peas detachment, this might be most popular title till now.

Play be too easy to adjusted and run:only double - click ' cirque.exe' and did you transported to queer world cirque de Zale.

Year of publication: 2004

Made by: Rebecca Clements


Cirque de Zale - download


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