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To je jeden z prvních her fotbalu vůbec kdy udělaného. První verze hry Five - a - Side Indoor fotbal byl udělaný v roce 1986 !!), anglick


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I'm used to play this play on mine first PC, and me keep in mindthat the I'm got dependent very quickly. It be given to me friend who had strong machine and used to play any new publication. But this is not important.

When I first heard name, I'm thought I'm was that the this they will play with food, but when I'm sham, I'm come to realize that "chips" was computer hardware. In those play, you withdraw from control of small boy which have to collect definite number cosmic computer chips to unlock crossing hereto, finish level. To 1989, this play is terrible. Don't think as though everything, what you must make them walk around collection chips. Second levels of are hard, and you must plan every step very careful, so you can end level. On first - level there are counsel, and me I prefer, so that you be read is.

There are monster ranging from rolls some cizímvypadajícím monsters. There's a six another terrains, and every has it's own effect on your sign. Normal terrain and mud waste up to you, but there are also ice, fire, water, and something it is like moving pavement. To walk through these terrains, you need to got special shoes. Care, so that doesn't go except "boy", how he takes all shoes you have you got. He can also be enough to useful sometimes.

Some from tool grinder and sharpener are teleporters, cut - outs, door, and quarters as though you stick to. To unlock door, you will have to get key same colours how lock symbol on door. To glairy quarters, you have to push block on disconnect switchthat the ring normal. I'm I forgot to be almost: there are bombshells, also. To walk through, you will have to make them explode. This be achieved pressure block on them or activation object that shall move towards them. There are also chips behind moving blocks. Sometimes you will have to push blocks into waters so you can cruise and recover your microchip.

Concerning graphic art, I thinkthat the they be good for 1989 - perhaps very good. There's a option for sound effects, but they don't play mine system. There's a background music which sounds whacking and which resembles music in Charlie Chaplinových films.

I give this play 4, for it was whacking games for 1989; nevertheless, in spite of monsters and unhoped - for bits, that may become monotonous by collecting chips. It is difficult to quite run through second levels of and is taking a lot of time and patience. A straight editor would have been whacking, but this play hasn't one.

Try to this play, and won't you disappointed. It's mirthquake when you you do not have what is he doing.

Thanks, mouse31e, for giving those games to me.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Epyx, Inc.


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