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In the year 1992 alpha version masterlike manager be released. Masterlike manager was one of the first bigger commercialist plaies in PC world and I'm fan of what like I like manager or type association football plaies. I'm already tried almost all games of that kind out that is why I can saythat the this play fecit new type genre for PC GAMES. This play really switched life thousands players, as it has his astonishing resemblance of reality. I I suppose as though most already do you know this play, but for minority which will never didn't hear about those play, that be the first play association football to drove it rapt much players because of its subtle details about teams and players.

Although this play be too barren of in comparison with slack plaies of that kind nowadays, bases games already subsisted even such player there alone have had couple of hose statistician. Play be much more simple than games right now but have much else players who preferred it. If I equate to is, to me with all plaies which followed this were to be biggest gauge full of all. If already did you played any continuation those games I suggests, so that you felt this play to seen development which this kind plaies got last 14 years.

But already it is time talk of play. At the beginning after you are withdrew play your computer and installed it, you will request, to go into a place code in games for copy protection (they're supplied by in extra set called codes.txt), take a look at is and act to next step. After misguided play you will have to answer if you want, to music or no and if you want, to your printer to was enabled withhina play or no! It is very foreign but it is possivel print scenarios games and desks out and everything in rest of, eventhough I don't remember how make it, but I keep in mindthat the it is possible.

Below these election you can create new play and start play to. Team size is 4, and get on with by selection your team, and after that you can play to. Then you pick type playerthat the you do you want be as there are so many election like: moderate, selfish, responsible. I'd chosen thatthat the more rushs you. Then play continued in option where start first division, second, third and fourth dividing and after these election play will in the end start.

A now play begins. In main menu games you will find 11 window which will allow to performed all office games. First window takes you to the next competition to was played your team. Second be called "look tables" and allows you to see after your sorting every day competition. Third show all period (which show which team will play against you and date matchs). Next one is "club chicken", and how name shows, that provide you with statistical returns your club, and is also can show information of your together - together - -workers, shows what field bought and sold here, and much important - it ovládátheaccounts. In the following window you will be able see statistics your last games, add in new human player to play, see player who underact, see it, who cage, etc . etc ... Sixth window be too important because it allows to bought and sell player. Next window is that, that allows to seen response owners club your results, here you get to see if did you do a good job in the view of deck or no, and they may take off out you play. You will be able also look avails seat on of other teams. Window which called "national insider" is for vision if your field play to their national team. Tenth window is for a change appearance games. A last window is for inquiry play.

Characteristics players increase from 0 into max from 20, higher better they're, and keep in mind that they've much statistical compilation to was trace like passing, defences, creativity, influence among others, be look for in players to bought.

After this small review, I thinkthat the I'm covered all that it is important. Try out this play know if you like or no, and for this play is the first successful one from that is kind plaies, I will arrange much 4.

This play works best in DOSBOX.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Domark, Ltd.


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