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Centurion - Defender of Rome Reviews

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It is 400 year after merging, and cub Romish centurion is camped with his legion of on the banks on Tiberovi. They look - out order...

It sounds Rad or what? A modern audience of no surely would didn't have big conceit of this little games, come from innocent bygones era video games story. But, pays what's Caesarovo into Caesara, centurion in of his time be too cool behind school. I have to admit that lasting out that again now, when strategic genre has long achieved adulthood, making you think of all the roads it could have been made better strategic play. Yet, that was explosion to played, further it is; just not for days and days have like to next deeper games.

So, what is he doing this play so cool? Probably battles will first on of each of list. Back then tactics were to be rare to was seen in play (even wartime peas, most which was strategic), and long time would run through before, than it prevail element in video games. On top in centurions execution be too handsome: armies are animated, and that is what made this play in reality telling.

Combat system is of course simple today's standards, but it be in fact very good, made with just a few elements. You get before - -defined option for combat formation and starting game but, object to weakest enemy- - a even such in casethat the you hamper maimed oběti - - vy you must give new order any minute for individual platoon in breaking point ( militant intervals when you arrange order). Opening formation are little and can not be modified, but it in reality agree with Romish military practicethat the dictated standard ways to dislocate military for regular conflict, tending to didn't take for information situation at hand (it is reason,why do they couldn'tdeal with Hannibalem before, than Zama).

Soldiers move only so fast, so you must predict situation both offensively and defensively. You must plan how border friend and buckler your own sides: several power platoon can wreak havoc in many enemy jednom - - a adjudicate bitvu - - jestli the are not in due form manoeuvre or supported in time. But it will not get so mad with how modern RTS games ?? la age empire: formation are not permeable- - ještě they may be broken with superior concentration fighting power.

In reality, because of worthy of note accuracy (very simple) malingering, kind conflicts you will play at those play will result much similar one in reality fought in Greco - Roman érě: two gainsaid lines unyielding infantry with largely passive role, and mobile units on both sides, at the same time covering sides and formidable foe , navigation to curse whole enemy military with clever tahemnebo superior storming silouormanoeuvrability. (Carthage also be used elephants, who will never didn't win no conflict but was next handsome problem to toss at Romans.)

there are some chicken that were not found in all peas tactics and they be too likethat the I can see. For example morale: when faced with knock down platoon run away- - ale they may also be killed. Also, cannot see enemy formation till then, than you adjudicate your own, and you will not will you know friend game till then, than you adjudicate your opening move and conflict initializes. ( enemy be like each other dull, he no reacts to your volby - - dokonce when from your perspective the looks as when he acts later.)

unfortunately there's a couple of important limitation that does not dissemble real elements warfare also, but they probably be due to hardware limits. For example platoon they may move in four directions only, and among tactful articles (squares that the battlefield is invisibly division into). A cannot allot more'n one legion of into battles; it be too important limitation, because it meansthat the cannot buy themselves so by many numbers how do you do you want,even if you have you got resources. (nevertheless you can defeat enemy attacking several times with a number of legion of, buoy several bitev - - což entails piptonychia all but last.)

in naval battle, you allot flag - ship against enemy, and result which buoy will adapt the rest battlesthat the failing that be about whose flotilla is bigger. So you will not allot whole flotilla at the Battle, how do you do with militaries.

Next whacking point in those play is music. Only simple rear air for by any situation, but really atmospheric, appropriating, and epic poem. Failing that almost there are no sound effects, hardware no - yielded with more at that time.

The rest games dangle round operating your militaries and fleets and faulting is about strategically, much little parochial management, short diplomatic relations when you go into a place external territories, and wagon works and gladiátorův gamesof course. Diplomacy be exceedingly weak element gamesthat the be too unhappy. Nearly always it smrskne on two election: go away or fight. Than some nation be willing to be tabled before peacefully, that to be almost nonsensical; and you have to choose genuine duologue election than in adventurous play, but it sounds randomly.

Wagon works are most pictorial element games, and believe or no, setting can be your most important receipt (cannot order more'n one race each year, and only in Římě). You you are driving your own wagon, and as soon as you get at the bottom of that, victory is automatic in low levels problems; so you only end playing wagon works mini - - play every veer in order to get money for your wars.

In short it is somewhat shallow strategy game built around horrible combat malingerer, in conjunction with by various next mini- hrami bundle in old tradition. Despite personally I thinkthat the result be overwhelming play which merits his place how classic, suppose it is not perfect, but it is much merry entertainment. It be wrapped up one of those plaies that would benefit much from modern version. But since, what Romish general War is much very thing, and is not half badthat the already indoor.

Even such, after a while all battles be like each other, and only change you can introduce shoot up level problems. So non expect centurion to kept did you entertained for days. Yet it's good have some fast merry entertainment without becomes stuck in lengthy strategic plaies.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Bits of Magic


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