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herní vývojový tým za tímto hrou je nazývaný LEGEND, a hlava pracovní skupiny byla Bob Bates, nezávislý programátor Infocom


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Another classic which hit machinery arcade at the beginning 80 - ovo. A much old play this way had simple play, no depth at all, only repeated material which becomes quicker and harder. No levels of, no upgrade, any latent demand premium - only action.

Younger one probably ask how play this way so become popular? Well non equate to it with plaies nowadays. It become a legend in one's time simply because that was all true fan arcade soever needed - simplicity and challenges. In reality it be like each other nowadays, you only need better graphic art and some next material.

There are no levels of, only new enemy discovers and will quicker. Speed rise as soon as you clean cathode - raytube of those red insect. There be no end, only it gets harder and you champion higher score. You have you got list enemies on display foreground and you catch up their behaviour immediately.

You mushrooms they may be destroyed with a number of shot departure. They only light upon your roads but they could route of those red insect, so you only need to waited for them. Yet cathode - raytube becomes real disorder later, so you probably want to clean cathode - raytube before demolition first gardens insect.

PC version is inferior to original, mostly because of technical parts. Do you really don't need more'n basic graphic art, but something it seemsthat the will be missing. Perhaps simply it is not same feel after all those years. You will hear FX on PC speaker of, another FX informs youthat the new friend is on screen, but it will probably be happen boring therefrom big spider always be present. Well, play succeed in be as provocative how original was. Be carefully ! While you avoidance of all those insect, attempt at destroy is, and you mushrooms, perhapsthat the would could destroy your joystick place that.

So if you can withdraw from bad graphic art and focus on play and you do you want simple play, you find, why it be as popular. Zilions clones be published with better graphic art and sound, possession same games. Play is given only average mark because of to those technical parts and if you think as though mark is too much therefor, remember year it be published. Centipede surely don't need no introduction to older players. Younger one rather jump this for newer clones, but now we've got original, just in case.

You need joystick to played this play.

Play will run in WinXP, but it should have been too fast play to, so use DOSBOX and reduce to cycles.

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Atari, Inc.


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