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Na tento web byly doposud přidávány hry, které byly vydané po roku 1990 pod platformou PC a tak jsem se rozhodl, že přidám něco trochu starš


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Fortified castle Dr. Brain is, without doubts, one of most interesting, entertainment and original games I have ever played. Aim games is to get away from Dr. Cerebral fortified castle. Make it, you have to execute set impositions: You start off by some simple memory and problems mathematics, but how do you continue by, you encountering really intellectual- wrecking riddles which call on you your limits. Office are so various and original as though you will have urge to solve every I wish seen what next will require you. There are many them, and you will probably I'm sorry that there more once aren't achieve ends. I advise this play to both children and adults, as many united brains they will requisite, to successfully finish it. I not even I need not think about mark which this play merits. It be clean 5, but I I wish , so I can give that 6!

Part sierra Discoverů be subdivided into several lots

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.


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