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Fortified castle Adventure is legend. I keep in mind playing that when I'm was tiny. I've never have not got much long way, to tell the truth, because damned snake always slew me. What really dumbfounded me, though, was graphic art: bad bogeymen look like smiling face, pale vampire look like spades, unsightly spiders look like little star, fairies look like divisional notation, and much more.

Fortified castle Adventure is amusing- based maze parser adventure designed from Kevina Bales, later stolen and illegally slack keypunch softvérem as part of their swords and wizardry packet, under the name Golden wombat.

Fortified castle ushered enough to nice environment for 1984 - ovo PCS: All was made with ASCII notation, so by leaving to field most graphic work. The were to be times when computer gave you only much obscure image figures, represented small symbol. In your mean well happened to somebody's rarely rich in detail and realist, watching like if it had been created in pencil Johna Howea or turn Nasmith.Play uses cursor keys for kinetic and keyboard command for specific action, such as ' look fountain or ' show cross vampire. System parser suits nicely, although it is a little restricted (there be no comparison with Infocom - ovo systems).

What's conspiracy? Did you adventurer, look for treasure in horrible and gigantic- replete fortified castle, but this is not everything. Did you even stuck in there, and as such, have to find way out. Let's face it, most plaies at that time have had rather feeble conspiracy. People no - didn't pother , though. They played, and played, and played even more. Why? For it is CHALLENGING. Utmost quantity points you can get is 1,550, but you can end it with smaller.

I give it to 4, because I have got good memory of of what even if it can deserve 3.5, contemplating how easy it is die.

Enjoy it, and clear out if you can!

Year of publication: 1984

Made by: Kevin Bales


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